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    Just gonna make dat bonk.
  1. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/914
  2. I really really need some kindhearted soul that, can explain to me what this script is all about, so I understand it! If you want to help PM me here on tribot so we can exchange Skype! We could maybe so figure out some kind of payment :-)
  3. Well, Pm'ed you my skype. Could write for a bit
  4. Hey guys, may I ask how much profit you make a hour? :-) since the material prices fucked up lately :-)
  5. Welcome buddy
  6. wow, amazing job.
  7. So good
  8. Yeah.. Trilez steals all monkfish. Be careful.
  9. Probably :-)
  10. Hahaa, dem coal ores too expensive to buy :-P
  11. Is your test going well? :-)