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  1. Higher the profit, Higher the banrate if you are using a public script(EVEN IF ITS PAID) For the 200-300k range I would look at Dax Blast Furnace
  2. Wait 1 week and sell that pure tbh
  3. Public Scripts will 90% of the time not make you any money unless the script is AIO or is customizable. Find your own methods and make your own private scripts.
  4. @Pwningcows Part of antiban I believe. It's so that it makes it seem you went "afk for a bit to go grab a snack"
  5. Having that same issue too. It banks and does everything perfectly however when it comes to clicking the ingredients the mouse doesn't do anything. Screenshot:
  6. Is there any chance you could make this open source? It's fine if you can't
  7. I would definitely buy it if everything your saying checks out. Can you show earnings proof?
  8. I found a small bug with this. In the middle of the script it will think it is out of logs because it is unable to open the bank and stop the script.
  9. Been quite busy with other things in life (mom's birthday coming up, finals, etc) so i'm putting botting aside for a bit.
  10. Not true at all LOL. Botting software and tools are getting randomer and more humanlike as we speak. Same with Jagex's bot detection systems. It's about survival of the fittest now
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