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  1. Best bot for money making (gp pr hour)

    Higher the profit, Higher the banrate if you are using a public script(EVEN IF ITS PAID) For the 200-300k range I would look at Dax Blast Furnace
  2. Thopkek's botting progress thread.

    Wait 1 week and sell that pure tbh
  3. Can never turn a profit?!

    Public Scripts will 90% of the time not make you any money unless the script is AIO or is customizable. Find your own methods and make your own private scripts.
  4. Just bought a proxy. Will test it out and review it in a bit.
  5. [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @Pwningcows Part of antiban I believe. It's so that it makes it seem you went "afk for a bit to go grab a snack"
  6. [FREE] [ABCL 10] Tau Herblore

    Having that same issue too. It banks and does everything perfectly however when it comes to clicking the ingredients the mouse doesn't do anything. Screenshot:
  7. [FREE] [ABCL 10] Tau Herblore

    Is there any chance you could make this open source? It's fine if you can't
  8. Should I Make A In-Depth Tutorial On Gold Farming?

    I would definitely buy it if everything your saying checks out. Can you show earnings proof?
  9. [ABCL10] Netami's AIO Planker

    I found a small bug with this. In the middle of the script it will think it is out of logs because it is unable to open the bank and stop the script.
  10. CBXGoldFarm's Journey - Road to $50/Day botting

    Been quite busy with other things in life (mom's birthday coming up, finals, etc) so i'm putting botting aside for a bit.
  11. Ban Evading Trial and Error.

    Not true at all LOL. Botting software and tools are getting randomer and more humanlike as we speak. Same with Jagex's bot detection systems. It's about survival of the fittest now
  12. CBXGoldFarm's Journey - Road to $50/Day botting

    Sure! I am using Topbot at the moment because I am VIP there and that's where I made my own custom script. So i'll probably be there for a while until I can implement my script here as well because I want to try out Looking Glass. Heard a lot of good things about it Mhm. Hoping to get 10 bots running continuously making me 2.5-3m/hour and ill be botting for around 12hrs per acc a day(avoiding jagex work hours + breaks). If everything goes as planned I should reach that goal in a week Secret also it's because i am using my own script with my own anti-ban. So far it's been working flawlessly.
  13. ★ Buy Your Own 24/7 Online Computer To Run Bots! [RSVPS™]

    Bought a VPS off him. Super friendly guy and great prices. If you are looking to buy a vps go to this guy. Trust me.