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  1. everything depends on the scripts. atm i have 2x e5 2670 and 2x e5 2630v3 and i run under 100 gl
  2. hi, anyone is using this for Culinaromancer's Chest ? after depositing the bot doesnt close the bank and it gets stuck at "opening shop" while the bank is open. last week has been working fine. thx
  3. @1v1eosi can't find any script named "lumbridge tree chopper" can u link it please ? i really want to try see how much i last thx!
  4. hi, which chopper have u used ? i wanna try it too thx!
  5. hi, i have the same problem did u found a fix? thx!
  6. just bought this and i get stuck at every step and dying a lot. in 3 hours runtime it did only rune mysteries [16:13:14] You died![16:13:14] Unexpected death occured in jail. for 2hours just dyingEDIT: it is working fine when i babysit . it get stuck at almost all npcs and i need to talk manualy.
  7. banned after 1h50m tons of miss clicks behind the furnace and trying to bank when the crafting its not finished and then returning to furnace trying to finish and miss click behind it etc edit: it was on a new account with private proxy+verified mail+manual tutorial.
  8. flawless scrip. i've been using it for days without problems. i get banned in few hours but i'm fine with that thx @karlrais !
  9. i deleted bin folder from .tribot and now its working thx guys! seems i need to delete it everytime i boot tribot
  10. the bot doesnt start and i get boot error "the request blabla please try again null"