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  1. Just for the staff at Tribot - The Trader Feedback system 2.2.0 update is out so now you can see how much feedback a member has on their profile, I recommend updating so that we can see how much feedback a member has instead on counting the pages. https://invisionpower.com/files/file/3366-trader-feedback-system/
  2. I love yasuo Online
  3. Hello Everyone I am streaming ranked soloQ in diamond elo. https://www.twitch.tv/jihad_bakkali/ I will be streaming around 5hours everyday minimal. I hope you guys like it
  4. Anyone wanna do like4like Follow4Follow on instagram? I have a botting service and I'm willing to get anyone 100 free followers/1000 freelikes for a shoutout. Let me know, PM me. Sorry if this thread has offended anyone. I have this one art page and personal page: https://www.instagram.com/sightfulart/
  5. It looks awesome but I don't think the purple suits the theme.
  6. Hello everyone My name is Jiad Bakkali, I'm from london, I'm 17 years old and I do an full-time apprenticeship as a web developer. I've been playing runescape for 7 years but I dont play it much anymore although I have 2 maxed mains and a small clan on 07. I play league of legends now and then I am diamond 1 in EUW. I play other games aswell but not much anymore due to work. I recently got into internet marketing and joined a lot of forums to expand my knowledge regarding it. In real life I really like to play football,basketball,tabletennis,tennis,volley-ball,money-up,poker and love to swim. My ethnicity is moroccan incase your wondering Look forward to meeting
  7. Its completely different from bigboibets. and the layout doesn't affect gameplay also TB has 0% rake whereas BBB had 5%+ so you make profit at TB
  8. Community : 10/10 Everyone on this website is helpful and extremely kind. I haven't seen anyone rage or swear at other members. Gameplay: 10/10 The game play is extraordinary in a positive aspect. The roulette animation is awesome and the poker tables are very fun to play on. Especially since there are a lot of noob's it's easy for me to profit . Activeness: 10/10 There are always players only and players playing on table. There is no point in which someone is playing. Customer experience: 10/10 It takes literally 1min to cash-in or out and around 5seconds for a livechat operator to answer your chat. They are extremely helpful and polite.__________________