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  1. [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    That would be awesome. Let me know.
  2. [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    I might be able to take a look. Though im pretty sure webwalking already clicks a random tile close to the destination. I havent looked at it for a while though
  3. All virmach proxies flagged?

    If thats the case, isn't that the same thing as being flagged? Jagex knows your ip is from a datacenter proxy, and they lock your account, which obviously means they are on to something. Also, im pretty sure that <1% of the people using those proxies are actually legit players, which doesn't really help.
  4. Trading From Bots To Mules - Flagged?

    Mules usually get banned if you do a lot of trades from different botting accounts. The value of those trades ins't really a factor. for instance: say i have 10m gp, and i transfer that from a bot to a mule, in a single trade. It won't raise any red flags to jagex because its just a single transaction. But if i have a lot of botting accounts, and transfer 10m gp through 50 trades, that will raise a red flag. also, i believe that if your mule only does things a typical mule does (logging in, trading bots, selling items, logging out), that's probably a red flag aswell.
  5. Any APIs out for C++

    using namespace std; does save you some time, however it is bad practice. Writing std::var is a cleaner way of doing things. If you were to make a local count function for example, and you are using namespace std; when you call the count function it will actually call std::count.
  6. Wastedbro Re-Introduction

    I remember the time we used to farm together. Seems like a live time ago. Welcome back!
  7. Is there still gambling on rs?

    I used to run the first dicing clan in osrs, we did actually have legit odds as we advertised 58x2, however i quit doing that like 1.5 years ago when there were too many people copying us and using rigged code. Also both our hosts aswell as betters would get banned quite regulary
  8. Perfect. never fails! Thanks
  9. I didnt know that, thanks
  10. [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    Thank you
  11. same for me, makes an account after like 2mins of spamming then afks in the first room on tutorial island edit: i forgot a system update just happened today and hooks still need to be fixed by trilez (all npc's have name "Null"). so im pretty sure this script will be able to run today or tomorow again
  12. Disable AntiBanCompliance

    Well if you use the abc2 reaction timing, a lot of afking is what you will get
  13. Price Checks

    that might be true, but this is not a site for account sales, which is why i answered to your question the way i did (try sythe)
  14. Price Checks

    on this site that account is worth 0gp, 0 dollars, and there is 0 demand.