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  1. Smart way to advertise your website
  2. that still doesn't change that fact that what you're doing is called offsite scamming, i know it and you know it, "my dear". dick.
  3. I'm pretty sure you misunderstand your own posts.
  4. reading this post i can conclude that you're not only ignorant, you're incapable. You should read my post again. the moment you decided to "share your good will", YOU took the items from the bank of their original owner, and YOU were the person host a drop party with those items. Which means that YOU for a fact did take his items, who eventually got the items is irrelevant. How did he not admit to offsite scamming? is selling a malicious "service" on a website not considered as offsite scamming? thats like saying if for example boglagold scammed on his website its fine, but if he scammed on any rs-related forum he will get banned, in other words : a whole lot of horse shit.
  5. I'm pretty sure you're missing the point of what a "Legit" service offers. How would you feel if your landlord would break into your place at 2-4am or whenever you aren't home to take your shit? it is exactly what you are doing to your "clients", victims might be a better word.
  6. once a scammer always a scammer. If you're looking for redemption you shouldn't make a brag thread about it, start by refunding those people the shit you took. I've always had a huge aversion to scammers, people like you.
  7. To be honest, i find this an extremely snake/dick way of earning your money and is labeled as nothing but scamming. you just admitted to offsite scamming which means that if the mods are doing their job, your account will get banned today.
  8. I already posted those, 10/10 for effort tho
  9. @Butta http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Super-by-Retrosuperfuture-Giaguaro-Mirrored-Sunglasses-Black/prod183200615/p.prod?ecid=NMAF__Hy3bqNL2jtQ&CS_003=5630585 http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/shapes/giaguaro/m9w-084 to qualify for the $10: Super by Retrosuperfuture Giaguaro Mirrored Sunglasses that part only looks straight from the front.
  10. ccplz unite
  11. Why did you even bother posting this? i dont think the OP benefits much from an empty boolean and a method which simply prints the string 'Beep.' in the console.
  12. or get the wilderness level from the interface showing level: int
  13. it should work everywhere. if you need banking, it only works if webwalking supports it (99% sure it does).
  14. "Voting" for the G.E when its already released, you people never learn...
  15. not sure, never seen that before, are you using a recent java version?