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  1. if they have no clue why you cant connect to the site, and you cant seem to figure it out, ask them for a refund. Since they don't know the solution, you should be refunded
  2. In general, botters, but mostly goldfarmers, use miltiple vps' and dedicated servers for their botting activities. Those servers usually have their own ip. If you were only allowed to bot on 1 ip at a time, goldfarming would be almost impossible.
  3. gef30


    thats called customer support
  4. you could just add an argument for people to use their own key tho
  5. Shouldnt broken scripts be removed from the repo? @Fluffee
  6. I want to suggest that all broken things are released as opensource projects, so they can be fixed a lot faster. There are plenty of issues, which are still, even with the new dev team, taking way to long to be fixed. for instance the worldhopper, it has been broken for months already, when hopping to high worlds. Which results in people making their own methods. If someone has a well written fix for a problem, i dont see why it wouldn't be a good addition to this client. Ofcourse you would be exposing some parts of the source of methods to the public, but im certain this would help increate the user experience by a lot. I'd happy to give more argumentation/explainations on this matter if required. @TRiLeZ
  7. ofcourse thats a high amount for scripters on this forum, but for application development in general, $70-100/hr is actually extremely normal. during my internship at a software company, they charged customers EUR 130 per hour for our work aswell. The amount of money you make per hour when working for a company is not what i meant, its the amount of money the customer pays.
  8. yeah that would be a pretty generous dev. seeing as $70-100/hour is a pretty normal rate, it would easily run into the thousands.
  9. gef30

    Bot Busting

    botting something like woodcutting on an accounts you like isn't really a wise thing to do.
  10. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21703-read-before-posting-be-specific/
  11. Might be so, though theres a correlation between new users and accounts getting "hacked by tribot", longer time users will realise that making those claims is absolutely ridiculous. This platform makes plenty of money on a monthly bases, stealing your 10m wont change anything. Just because tribot is the latest program you have downloaded and used for runescape lately, doesn't mean its the reason for your hack. You have probably been phished through an other way (possibly even weeks ago).
  12. public abstract class Node { public abstract boolean isValid(); public abstract void execute(); } public class Bank extends Node { @Override public boolean isValid() { return false; } @Override public void execute() { } } public class Fish extends Node { @Override public boolean isValid() { return false; } @Override public void execute() { } } public class Walk extends Node { @Override public boolean isValid() { return false; } @Override public void execute() { } } public class Variables { public static final RSArea bank = new RSArea( new RSTile(3091, 3245, 0), new RSTile(3095, 3242, 0) ); public static final RSArea fishingSpot = new RSArea( new RSTile(3082, 3234, 0), new RSTile(3088, 3225, 0) ); public static final int NET = 303; } public class Fisher extends Script { public ArrayList<Node> nodes = new ArrayList<>(); @Override public void run() { init(); while(true){ if(Login.getLoginState().equals(Login.STATE.INGAME)){ for(final Node n : nodes){ if(n.isValid()) n.execute(); else{ //AntiBan.timedActions(); General.sleep(100,200); } General.sleep(100, 200); } } else { Login.login(); } General.sleep(20,40); } } public void init(){ } } implement these node
  13. I can also advice you to implement something like the Node framework before starting with behavior trees. That way you gain more insight on how to structure your code without making it too complex.
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