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  1. I'm glad you said that, daxwalker is not the official webwalker from tribot. It's a third party service. When it breaks, it's your own responsibility, because you chose to use it. If your script relies on the official tribot webwalker, and stops functioning because of that, then it is not your fault, because the tribot webwalker is an official api method. If you've been a member of this forum for the time that you have, you should already know this.
  2. 1. i dont really care, if a script doesnt work, its the script's issue 2. You are right, like i said before, i am not a customer, i havent made a purchase on tribot for years, including vip. I dont care about writing scripts anymore, its a waste of time.
  3. Lets not start doubting my capability now. I know what it takes to develop a (web)walker (i never talked about a webwalker btw), just because my name ins't blue that doesn't mean i'm not a software engineer. My ambition wasn't selling scripts with auto ban compliance v2, which practically never ends up in making a profit. You use a webwalker because you're lazy to build the longer paths yourself, its not required to build a new web walker to solve your walking needs, however i would make one anyways.
  4. You are right, however the fact that the service you chose to use has downtime, makes it an nsmither issue. You can fix the problem, but its unreasonable to put in hours for paying customers. (i am not a customer)
  5. Its not unfair. @Netami is claiming its not an issue from his script whatsoever, though chose to use this service, so it is an issue from his script, THAT is unfair. He is using his knowledge to deceive someone who doesn't have to same knowledge, so he doesn't have to do the work required for a fix. At least thats what this looks like. This is something i would not expect from a premium scripter. Had he chosen his words better, without just boldly saying its not an Nsmither error, it would have been a different story.
  6. This is an unfair claim to make, you as a premium scripter are responsible for your own script, the fact that you took a shortcut by using daxwalker, does not justify your script's downtime. Saying this is not a nSmither error is ridiculous. Dax is not the only one who can fix your script, YOU are. write another walker.
  7. if they have no clue why you cant connect to the site, and you cant seem to figure it out, ask them for a refund. Since they don't know the solution, you should be refunded
  8. In general, botters, but mostly goldfarmers, use miltiple vps' and dedicated servers for their botting activities. Those servers usually have their own ip. If you were only allowed to bot on 1 ip at a time, goldfarming would be almost impossible.
  9. gef30


    thats called customer support
  10. you could just add an argument for people to use their own key tho
  11. Shouldnt broken scripts be removed from the repo? @Fluffee
  12. I want to suggest that all broken things are released as opensource projects, so they can be fixed a lot faster. There are plenty of issues, which are still, even with the new dev team, taking way to long to be fixed. for instance the worldhopper, it has been broken for months already, when hopping to high worlds. Which results in people making their own methods. If someone has a well written fix for a problem, i dont see why it wouldn't be a good addition to this client. Ofcourse you would be exposing some parts of the source of methods to the public, but im certain this would help increate the user experience by a lot. I'd happy to give more argumentation/explainations on this matter if required. @TRiLeZ
  13. ofcourse thats a high amount for scripters on this forum, but for application development in general, $70-100/hr is actually extremely normal. during my internship at a software company, they charged customers EUR 130 per hour for our work aswell. The amount of money you make per hour when working for a company is not what i meant, its the amount of money the customer pays.
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