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  1. gef30

    [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    if you enter your fishing gear ids like this: 300,400,500 it should not drop them remember, the ids are separated by a "," and no spaces.
  2. gef30

    can't load tribot on laptop

    I've tried: restarting laptop re installing the latest java jre and jdk deleting .tribot folder running tribot with cmd running tribot with powershell clean registery running jarfix
  3. gef30

    can't load tribot on laptop

    i tried jarfix, it detected the latest java version but tribot still freezes on startup
  4. gef30

    AIO Construction a SCAM - NOW I'm GETTING POP UPS

    you're not @TRiLeZ so your monkfish should be safe
  5. gef30

    can't load tribot on laptop

    its weird, i literally got it to work, wrote and debugged a script and now it doesn't start at all anymore. I'm on a slow wifi atm but that shouldn't be a factor i assume?
  6. gef30

    can't load tribot on laptop

    hello, i'ts been a while since i've last posted on this site. I'm trying to run tribot on my laptop (windows 10), but cant even get to the login screen (the tribot login screen). It crashes before i can do anything. As far as i remember, i never managed to run tribot on my laptop, so its not just an issue im having with this version. It works fine on my pc.
  7. gef30

    [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    That would be awesome. Let me know.
  8. gef30

    [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    I might be able to take a look. Though im pretty sure webwalking already clicks a random tile close to the destination. I havent looked at it for a while though
  9. Perfect. never fails! Thanks
  10. I didnt know that, thanks
  11. gef30

    [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    Thank you
  12. same for me, makes an account after like 2mins of spamming then afks in the first room on tutorial island edit: i forgot a system update just happened today and hooks still need to be fixed by trilez (all npc's have name "Null"). so im pretty sure this script will be able to run today or tomorow again
  13. gef30

    Disable AntiBanCompliance

    Well if you use the abc2 reaction timing, a lot of afking is what you will get
  14. gef30

    Vip-E ?

    repository -> user panel -> purchase vip your remaining days should be displayed below the prices
  15. gef30

    [ABC2] Multi Fisher V2 [AIO]

    I've decided to update an old script i wrote 3 years ago, and here it is: Multi Fisher v2! Completely rewritten, with a full implementation of ABC2, Multi fisher allows you to fish anything, anywhere! get it HERE Screenshot(s): Setup guide: