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  1. gef30

    Bot Busting

    botting something like woodcutting on an accounts you like isn't really a wise thing to do.
  2. gef30

    Stays on OSRS Login screen after logging in

  3. gef30

    Hacked within a week of using Tribot

    Might be so, though theres a correlation between new users and accounts getting "hacked by tribot", longer time users will realise that making those claims is absolutely ridiculous. This platform makes plenty of money on a monthly bases, stealing your 10m wont change anything. Just because tribot is the latest program you have downloaded and used for runescape lately, doesn't mean its the reason for your hack. You have probably been phished through an other way (possibly even weeks ago).
  4. gef30


    public abstract class Node { public abstract boolean isValid(); public abstract void execute(); } public class Bank extends Node { @Override public boolean isValid() { return false; } @Override public void execute() { } } public class Fish extends Node { @Override public boolean isValid() { return false; } @Override public void execute() { } } public class Walk extends Node { @Override public boolean isValid() { return false; } @Override public void execute() { } } public class Variables { public static final RSArea bank = new RSArea( new RSTile(3091, 3245, 0), new RSTile(3095, 3242, 0) ); public static final RSArea fishingSpot = new RSArea( new RSTile(3082, 3234, 0), new RSTile(3088, 3225, 0) ); public static final int NET = 303; } public class Fisher extends Script { public ArrayList<Node> nodes = new ArrayList<>(); @Override public void run() { init(); while(true){ if(Login.getLoginState().equals(Login.STATE.INGAME)){ for(final Node n : nodes){ if(n.isValid()) n.execute(); else{ //AntiBan.timedActions(); General.sleep(100,200); } General.sleep(100, 200); } } else { Login.login(); } General.sleep(20,40); } } public void init(){ } } implement these node
  5. gef30


    I can also advice you to implement something like the Node framework before starting with behavior trees. That way you gain more insight on how to structure your code without making it too complex.
  6. gef30


    You can decide which NPC to interact with by implementing AntiBanCompliance. To easily implement antiban, you can use starfox's antiban utility, i have taken the next target part from there for you. public class Antiban { private static ABCUtil abc = new ABCUtil(); public static <T extends Positionable> T selectNextTarget(Positionable[] rsnpc) { return (T) abc.selectNextTarget(rsnpc); } } //and then the find npc method you can do something like this: public RSNPC findNpc(String name){ RSNPC[] npcs = NPCs.findNearest(name); if(npcs.length > 0){ return AntiBan.selectNextTarget(npcs); } return null; }
  7. Yeah it actually is, lets look at it from an antiban perspective, you as as a scripter should know that you can generate profiles based on certain factors that users can choose or auto generate. Lets say you want to incorporate break profiles which perfectly fit the profile of a specific user, that is currently only possible with custom break handlers. Since the break handler doesn't do this, it will just break whenever the timer hits, ignoring whatever is happening at that time.
  8. gef30


    450bucks is too expensive for a rig that can only run 3 clients. look into old server hardware, example: Intel Xeon L5640 2.27ghz can run 16bots for less than $50! edit: the only things that are important for botting osrs are RAM and CPU, nothing else really matters.
  9. gef30


    you want to use this pc for botting right?
  10. Meh delay this. scripters can just add their own custom break handlers, for anti ban and more flexibility. in my opinion the breakhandler is completely redundant!
  11. gef30

    LAN Bot Panel - Support Thread

    how much do think an unlimited usage api key would cost monthly? @Laniax
  12. gef30

    Unfair ban w/ 0 correlating evidence

    Sorry to break it to you, but those paid script you think you still have are gone.
  13. gef30

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Fully working CLI.
  14. gef30

    30m l $20

    i can take it, but you go first.
  15. gef30

    Bot Automatic Login Help

    How many times has this happened to you? like @wastedbro basicly said: its coincidence until you get a much larger sample. And even then you can't be sure. I dont think this happened to you often enough to make these conclusions.