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  1. Trying to get my 2nd 99 range using this script
  2. Ah okay, but the problem is it flicks it on and off everytime it enters the wild. 10 hour p2p proggy
  3. Really nice script, but every time the bot is crossing the wild ditch, is there problems with auto retaliate. It is switching if on and off.
  4. Today I ran the bot overnight, and after the 6hr log-out did the script not manage to continue it's task (Telekinetic), instead it just kept logging in and out, because of the in-active timer.
  5. @Tri the bot hops to f2p worlds, can you do something to prevent this? ruining my overnight runs
  6. Roflcopter

    Experience Predictor

    If you play legit my suggestion is you use osbuddy, it has all those features and many more, like double click world-switch, drop-names on screen, shows combat skills of player you're following etc..
  7. I would say you should start by getting 30 wc, fm, fishing cooking, mining and something like that. So you look more like a skille than a bot with 1 skill trained.
  8. Something like: if >3 trap tiles is being covered on log-in, switch world or location.
  9. Seems like you just were unlucky.. Well change your ip and get back on track.
  10. Did you go straight to botting without playing legit for a week or so?
  11. Fresh account? first time you got banned on current ip? Other accounts banned?
  12. Use proxies and train other stats legit before botting hunter @daxmagex can you add something to detect if chosen spot is already taken? So the bot doesn't make unnecessary attention by trying to steal someones spot.
  13. It's just that it was trying to steal a spot from another bot, which just made both accounts lose a lot of traps. I didn't turn it on for the same reason like you are stating.
  14. "Hop when another hunter is near" How near does the other hunter have to be for the script to hop? Same trap location or just on minimap?
  15. I actually also did it that way, to make sure nobody tried to steal my spot, and for faster laying.