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  1. Ah okay, but the problem is it flicks it on and off everytime it enters the wild. 10 hour p2p proggy
  2. Really nice script, but every time the bot is crossing the wild ditch, is there problems with auto retaliate. It is switching if on and off.
  3. Today I ran the bot overnight, and after the 6hr log-out did the script not manage to continue it's task (Telekinetic), instead it just kept logging in and out, because of the in-active timer.
  4. Roflcopter


    The ban expires in 2 days The offence expires after a year. Which means if you bot and get caught again in under a year, you'll most likely get perm'd
  5. The shortest time I bot is 10 hours, normally doing 12-20 hour.
  6. If you play legit my suggestion is you use osbuddy, it has all those features and many more, like double click world-switch, drop-names on screen, shows combat skills of player you're following etc..
  7. I always used gary's hoods' runescape autotalker to spam, combine it with the auto clicker it also has, and click on invent?
  8. Hah only 3? Nub. 4 here and halfway for number 5
  9. I would say you should start by getting 30 wc, fm, fishing cooking, mining and something like that. So you look more like a skille than a bot with 1 skill trained.
  10. 16hr+ or not worth the botting. If you just start out playing legit for two weeks, your account won't be banned that easy, like if you went straight to botting.
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