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  1. I only bought this script because it's an Arop script so I know it's amazing
  2. Adding onto this, could you perhaps add Magic Imbue support? Cheers, if not that's still fine!
  3. The people getting banned don't use LG I bet and they suicide bot with no different activities inbetween. Got 99 with this script and it's by far the best one I've ever used since the good old Nexus days. Great developer who knows his shit. Cheers.
  4. yeah latest tribot update fucked looking glass i would not bot until its fixed (by this i mean don't use the regular bot)
  5. sweet thanks man for the added 2 weeks
  6. if you buy this you guys definitely use looking glass works great
  7. this is the most revolutionary thing i've ever used for rs lmao
  8. How many would you like to buy: 10 Skype: rs3isbad Do you agree to the ToS: yes
  9. Hi I don't know if this question has been asked nor do I intend on searching 116 pages for the answer but... Is it possible for the bot to stay for another kill IF it has enough food?
  10. I got the pet =] Anyway something I've noticed is that it will sometimes use the remaining prayer pot for the next trip, for example if I only use a 2 dose prayer pot for one kill it will keep the remaining 2 dose pot for the next kill so it will run out of prayer and die. edit: this only started occuring recently like a few days ago
  11. I have a question, what happens if the bot gets the pet? Does it bank it or will it not recognize it's being followed so if you die = RIP pet? I have no idea why it said that user said that but my reply was fucked up anyway my question is that: I have a question, what happens if the bot gets the pet? Does it bank it or will it not recognize it's being followed so if you die = RIP pet?
  12. A couple 'flaws'/questions regarding the bot: It gets 4-5 minute kills, has anyone here gotten anything faster? I'm 96 Ranged/94 Magic using both void sets but I know that's RNG dependent. When the bot banks it takes way too long, anyway to make it faster? Is there anyway that it could use the Desert Amulet 4 teleport and pray at the altar of Elidinis then bank at the Nardah bank instead of using Rings of Dueling to Clan Wars portal/bank? (You'd need an account with all desert diaries done) Can the bot withdraw all zulrah teleport scrolls and keep them in the inventory, instead of withdrawing one at a time? Would it be possible to use vengeance if you're on lunars? To save inventory spots you could only allow a rune pouch with the designated runes inside of it to make it easier for you. Thank you!
  13. I can't get it to exchange banknotes. I have the wine in the first inventory. It fucks up sometimes and lures the bandits, opens the curtain, keeps clicking lure, goes outside, repeat. Disappointed to say the least but it's good when you're lucky and actually get it to work.
  14. So happy I tried the trial ;s. It keeps running all the way around the whole island to get where the portal is if a door is closed, ALSO: [01:09:30] not in iemz[01:13:34] not in iemz[01:13:34] Joining cc[01:13:37] not in iemz[01:13:37] Joining cc[01:13:42] not in iemz[01:13:42] Leaving chat[01:13:44] not in iemz[01:13:44] Leaving chat[01:13:46] not in iemz[01:13:46] Joining cc