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  1. From this 1 comment, i went on a youtube rampage and watched 6 why the fuck you lying for videos and compilations, wasted about 30 minutes doing this. I wish there was a bot for this so.
  2. i'm gonna bot the fuck out of it just saying mother fuckers at Jagex banned my accounts fuckers will pay.....Vendetta! feels nice to rage some time
  3. I used it before the update and never altered my pattern all my accounts were high levels mains with 1400+ total levels all on fresh IP's running for no more then 9 hours per day. Being caught botting Zulrah is almost always a Perm ban regardless of the IP or previous bans etc.
  4. Had 3 accounts banned this morning, all separate IP's, and no Looking glass doesn't work on this script it slows it down to much.
  5. This thread is made specifically for accounts that were banned through botting, so in this case they would read then i imagine.
  6. This thread is made specifically accounts banned for botting. so in this case they do.
  7. Yes i also noticed a new phase and kd ratio has dropped
  8. Pretty much the same as before i babysat it getting probably 2 less kills per hour down from 12 but that could just be bad luck.
  9. No. Well i haven't come across anywhere i could implement breaks any settings. Make sure you have a duel ring and start at clan wars tele-spot or the bank chest and also have all the relevant items you need.
  10. Yes, i also think it's server lag i've been disconnecting in every world, if anyone comes across a really stable world feel free to PM me i would appreciate it @Ace Botter
  11. Still getting rubbish k/d ratio few days ago was hittinf easily 12/13 per hour kills now barely getting 7/8 and i hvnt baby sat it long enuff bt i think it cud b rs getting ddossed ans acca disconnecting can someone else also baby sit so we can figure out wts the issue, thanks
  12. I must agree with 1 thing in your post is that people are ridiculous with there xing amount.
  13. I watched it for some time and it takes to long to eat when the HP drops or it stick to like 40hpish which can easily be a combo kill if the snakelings and the boss hits at once..
  14. I also have this issue and fixes found?