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  1. Anybody using this on multiple accounts and taking it seriously ? Feel free to message me to share ideas :).
  2. RS has been updated and requires @TRiLeZ to fix this, everybody is aware.
  3. Someone update on this thread when fixed
  4. Simple issue, not recognising duels challenges and accepting them just stays idle. I think this is update related hope theres a fix soon.
  5. URGENT Maybe update related, Bot is not recognising duel challenges anymore may need a client/script update.
  6. Yep max melee is completely pointless the advantage if anything is you have lower stats so they other play has to X you.
  7. Thanks lol, but your so fast you replied within a minute of me posting it lol.
  8. Hey ''maximum xing Var'' what value do in input? and what does it represent.
  9. Buying all LOCO PK Gp 6m-8m for 1b Loco GP Pm me or Add me on skype Skype: [email protected]
  10. From this 1 comment, i went on a youtube rampage and watched 6 why the fuck you lying for videos and compilations, wasted about 30 minutes doing this. I wish there was a bot for this so.
  11. Hi, found his thread on these 3 forums http://osbot.org/forum/topic/78960-igors123-and-bellic-oldschool-gold-shop-cheap-prices-skrillpp/ https://www.powerbot.org/community/topic/1277247-pp-skrill-igors123-and-bellic-gold-buying-shop-best-prices-fast-delivery/ http://www.sythe.org/oldschool-runescape-buying/1868825-1-15-1-30-pp-skrill-belgor-oldschool-gold-buying-shop-best-prices.html
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