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  1. Anybody using this on multiple accounts and taking it seriously ? Feel free to message me to share ideas :).
  2. ridzz

    Bots hover, but do not click!

    RS has been updated and requires @TRiLeZ to fix this, everybody is aware.
  3. ridzz

    Assume Stake Bug (update related)

    Someone update on this thread when fixed
  4. Simple issue, not recognising duels challenges and accepting them just stays idle. I think this is update related hope theres a fix soon.
  5. URGENT Maybe update related, Bot is not recognising duel challenges anymore may need a client/script update.
  6. Yep max melee is completely pointless the advantage if anything is you have lower stats so they other play has to X you.
  7. 1m-200m 52% x50 or something don't pay attention to variance thing
  8. Thanks lol, but your so fast you replied within a minute of me posting it lol.
  9. Hey ''maximum xing Var'' what value do in input? and what does it represent.
  10. I used it before the update and never altered my pattern all my accounts were high levels mains with 1400+ total levels all on fresh IP's running for no more then 9 hours per day. Being caught botting Zulrah is almost always a Perm ban regardless of the IP or previous bans etc.
  11. Had 3 accounts banned this morning, all separate IP's, and no Looking glass doesn't work on this script it slows it down to much.
  12. Yes i also noticed a new phase and kd ratio has dropped
  13. Pretty much the same as before i babysat it getting probably 2 less kills per hour down from 12 but that could just be bad luck.