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  1. Nice nice keep up the excellent work!(patiently waiting on zeah bloods)
  2. why cant i find a bot that does zeah runecrafting? keeping all the good scripts hidden? lol
  3. alright thanks anyways will be keeping an eye on this script man goodluck
  4. when can the public expect bloods and souls?
  5. check relleka please i ran into a few erros and script stopped a few times, idk how to post the errors here.
  6. RyzuFTW

    kourend houses

    ah i like it thanks for the fast response
  7. RyzuFTW

    kourend houses

    script that gets you 100% in all houses, not sure if one is available would be really cool imo?
  8. cant see the paint, how do i enable it? found it, thanks
  9. think it has to do with my java?
  10. running it on 32bit and its real slow and my comp is 64bit, wondering where i can download the 64bit version of tribot. fast response would be helpful, in the meantime ill be searching for it
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