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  1. im searching for bulk buyer, price is negotiable. please pm your offer/skype for further discussion. atm stock just 10k
  2. Role (Slave or Master):slave Rune:nature Tiara or Talisman:tiara Problem (in detail): When slaves come to store, they open up store interface and begin to idle. if there are already sold essences in store, they buy 10, sell all they got and begin to idle.
  3. Role (Slave or Master): Master Rune: Nature Tiara or Talisman: Tiara Problem (in detail): After leveling up, master cant see trades because it wont click continue.
  4. Great job on updating script. Still one thing: Please increase money amount what master gives and add failsafe when slave run out of money while trying to buy essences. Because sometimes there are already pure essence's sold to store and slave wont get enough money to buy essences. it eventhough try to buy them infinitely. edit. oh shadowisle already posted same thing, my bad another bug: after nature master level up. it can't see trades because it wont click continue and will just stand there
  5. as I have said before. Inside city are can be lured poisonous tribesman/bush spiders. It would be fixed by just changing this part of current path. (Yeah it's getting a bit frustrating. I have suggested that path now third time, it's commonly used by other nature runner bots)
  6. People are still luring tribesman/bush spiders on current path. Please make the path behind cage as shown original picture:
  7. how much law xp/h and profit/h differ from nature with basic 1 master & 3 slave setup? (<91 rc) Thanks in advance for answer if is it worth of doing quest.
  8. back in day ban rate was extremely high, don't know now. BUT nowadays after every death there is 5 minute (?) waiting time before re-entering cave which reduces xph way too much.
  9. are you planning to release all 3 quests as premium package? is there any way to release 2 done quests already, would need them ;s
  10. those spiders wont get on path if it runs just behind cage. Eventhough they are not problem beacause they are not poisonous(?)
  11. Role (Slave or Master): Slave Rune: Nature Tiara or Talisman: Tiara Problem (in detail): Red line is bot's current walking path. Inside blue square area ie. bush spiders, tribesman can be lured by other players to kill slaves. I would prefer changing walking path to similar as black line which is used by other nature runner bots.
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