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  1. guer

    Mastermind Group Invite

    This is trully hilarious. If you dont troll then i feel sorry for you. You have loooooooooooooong way to go.
  2. guer

    Mastermind Group Invite

    You have long way to go, good luck.
  3. guer

    Master/slave communications

    You could use MYSQL database and getpage requests as you said.
  4. guer

    Free quest script for Ryne Mysteries

    Why would u bot essence?
  5. guer

    tribot vs competion (In my opinion)

    I wanted to write a lot longer post when i realised i give too much info. Tribot is not bad, probably far more advanced from the mass ones, however if you step up your game, the bot doesnt matter.
  6. If you cant find it yourself then nobody should tell you. edit: is there any f2p method 500k/hr please??????
  7. Changing ip wont help you, tried that. This is most likely bonded to your account, not IP/PC.
  8. After new update cannot run more than few minutes without messing up, please take a look. @Usa
  9. guer

    How to Fix this error on my VPS?

    This is java security problem, seems liek root does not have access to it. Google it since i dont know linux, but you have to give your user permission to use it.
  10. Is this possible to kill zulrah only with mage for example? No switches. How less efficient would it be?
  11. guer

    Gold farm help

    Goldfarming isnt that easy these times. If you are not experienced you will loose money. It will take you some time before you make any profits, if you cant learn from mistakes you wont profit anyway.