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  1. bought credits, fast and easy trade, thanks.
  2. And how would you collect it? By sharing. LOL
  3. The problem is that anyone who succeeded running profitable botfarm (minimum of 100m/day) isn't going to share their methods. Why? Because he earned it. He spent dozens of hours figuring out whats wrong, what could be made better. Just trial and error. Time = money, i think we can agree on that, so are you giving free money to random people? Thats very valuable knowledge, worth a lot. Nowadays, I think anyone ,if they trully want, can run botfarm, but it takes a lot of dedication, determination, knowledge, good strategy and well prepared mindset. Just like any other bussiness. Good luck all
  4. Its great you offer advice, cut your bullshit and start from there. Be sincere. Good luck
  5. LOL, you are an amateur, being eloquent wont make you a pro. Good you are trying to help, but seems like you dont much have much to offer, altough you are pretending something else. Why? You know it.
  6. This E-5 xeons is also good idea as you can get them fairly cheap and it will be lower watt usage, its up to you what you choose.
  7. Thats the probability of your account getting banned.
  8. 99%
  9. This is trully hilarious. If you dont troll then i feel sorry for you. You have loooooooooooooong way to go.
  10. You have long way to go, good luck.
  11. You could use MYSQL database and getpage requests as you said.
  12. You dont need to fill out anything. AUTOMATE.
  13. Delete your tribot folder (app data).
  14. I didnt read your FAQ, sorry