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  1. @eevus What script are you using?
  2. All my scripts are working fine. Maybe try different ones.
  3. I'd like to think most people if not everyone knows there's updates every Thursday night/morning for their time. Plenty of people play until the actual update kicks them anyway, I know I did when I played legit. NO XP WASTE Also you have to restart the client after an update anyway so I don't really see the point.
  4. Have to say this script is absolutely amazeballs. I'll be clocking 99 fletching (ran 24/7) in 6-7 days off maple longbows, I'm putting this up in the event it gets banned (i'm going to reach 99 at 3-3:30am my time), I'll put some progress reports/picture up tomorrow when I wake up Thanks for the excellent script Erick.
  5. At least they will be preoccupied with deadman and maybe won't be so hard on bots in osrs for awhile.
  6. Sadly much has changed, not denying Tribot is still my favorite by far, and i'm soon to achieve my first 99 start 100% botted 24/7 in under a week , which I've NEVER gotten with any bot including ones from Rsbots.net
  7. You probably purchased it over a month ago as most scripts require monthly payments, if you check the repository section for that specific script it'll tell you if you have an active subscription or not
  8. I doubt this, as it's hard for them to tell who's muling and who is just transferring items, maybe to start off with it'd be easier to detect but I don't see why a legit player couldn't have a low level account farming magic logs then transferring to a higher level I'm sure most players would be more focused on killing each other around banks/pvp related areas than skilling areas. Sure there would be people that would do it but the numbers would be in pvp focused areas.
  9. Some scripts will allow you to change the mouse speeds, others have them preset for you, same with delays as Jazed has mentioned.
  10. The price of Darkscape gold is already like 1/5th the amount it was worth a few weeks back. the price will do the same eventually regardless of how hard it is to acquire gold, the price will scale to the difficulty of making money. And methods that allow you to camp in the bank I;E fletching will make easy money.
  11. I'm sure if they were going to have something out upon release they would already have it in motion/would have talk about it. Prices will plummet soon after release anyway, I don't see why they couldn't implement support for Deadman mode in the future anyway.
  12. I will admit I am a little overtired, and going by your username we're in completely different time zones. But I wasn't referencing to your script alone, I've purchased some other scripts that have turned out to be quite terrible in comparison to free ones, I appreciate the fast reply to my bug report along with the updated script. Aside from that one error that I was getting the script is excellent. I'll be sure to post a progress report from today's efforts. Thanks again. Made some tweaks to how I was making the tabs. Here's a little proggy.
  13. Of course, I'm not saying I expect a script to be so perfect that it can run for 48 hours uninterrupted or without any possible issues. But after a scripts been updated recently i'd like to think I could let it run for at least 6-8 hours without having to check on it all the time, that's kind of the whole point of botting.
  14. @Usa Thank you for the fast reply, I'll run it again now and see how it goes. the to house option was a house tab teleport by the way.
  15. You're right here, I was thinking in specific to one thread when I made the previous post : https://tribot.org/forums/topic/16006-abcl-10-300k-gp-phr-quick-master-aio-fletcher-anti-botwatch-22k-bows-per-hour-695-unlimited-acc-for-life-always-updated/ It seems as if some, not all but some premium scripters release their script for sale and then almost abandon it. I'm aware that most of these people probably have full time jobs as well as the hassle of updating/dealing with script issues/game updates, but when you're paying a decent amount of money for a script monthly it'd be nice for some scripters to be more active/at least reply when you make a post within a reasonable time frame.