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  1. demigodiiii

    After update tribot trouble!

    All my scripts are working fine. Maybe try different ones.
  2. Have to say this script is absolutely amazeballs. I'll be clocking 99 fletching (ran 24/7) in 6-7 days off maple longbows, I'm putting this up in the event it gets banned (i'm going to reach 99 at 3-3:30am my time), I'll put some progress reports/picture up tomorrow when I wake up Thanks for the excellent script Erick.
  3. demigodiiii


    Sadly much has changed, not denying Tribot is still my favorite by far, and i'm soon to achieve my first 99 start 100% botted 24/7 in under a week , which I've NEVER gotten with any bot including ones from Rsbots.net
  4. demigodiiii

    Script Speed

    Some scripts will allow you to change the mouse speeds, others have them preset for you, same with delays as Jazed has mentioned.
  5. I will admit I am a little overtired, and going by your username we're in completely different time zones. But I wasn't referencing to your script alone, I've purchased some other scripts that have turned out to be quite terrible in comparison to free ones, I appreciate the fast reply to my bug report along with the updated script. Aside from that one error that I was getting the script is excellent. I'll be sure to post a progress report from today's efforts. Thanks again. Made some tweaks to how I was making the tabs. Here's a little proggy.
  6. demigodiiii


    Of course, I'm not saying I expect a script to be so perfect that it can run for 48 hours uninterrupted or without any possible issues. But after a scripts been updated recently i'd like to think I could let it run for at least 6-8 hours without having to check on it all the time, that's kind of the whole point of botting.
  7. @Usa Thank you for the fast reply, I'll run it again now and see how it goes. the to house option was a house tab teleport by the way.
  8. demigodiiii


    You're right here, I was thinking in specific to one thread when I made the previous post : https://tribot.org/forums/topic/16006-abcl-10-300k-gp-phr-quick-master-aio-fletcher-anti-botwatch-22k-bows-per-hour-695-unlimited-acc-for-life-always-updated/ It seems as if some, not all but some premium scripters release their script for sale and then almost abandon it. I'm aware that most of these people probably have full time jobs as well as the hassle of updating/dealing with script issues/game updates, but when you're paying a decent amount of money for a script monthly it'd be nice for some scripters to be more active/at least reply when you make a post within a reasonable time frame.
  9. demigodiiii


    I've also noticed a lot of scripters just using the 'Must be a client issue' excuse when it comes to people complaining about their scripts, either that or getting the entire post deleted.
  10. demigodiiii


    I've been suiciding an account using ExFletcher (free script) , level three 24/7 and it's going to reach 99 today/early tomorrow morning. (6 days running). It's excellent and it's made me more money than the premium script i've just purchased i'm sure.
  11. demigodiiii


    I was unsure if you're able to or not, I've just woken up with two hours sleep so i'm a little groggy. haven't even had my morning coffee! if you're paying for a premium script that's been written for P2P the writer should be able to have accounts ready to fix/test issues without relying on users to supply accounts (Seen this plenty of times over, I agree with you). And that's disheartening to see when it comes to disputes.
  12. demigodiiii


    I think the fact that we pay for this client means that there should be a bit more moderation when it comes to premium scripts REGARDLESS of who posts them. Each premium script should be scrutinized and tested to ensure that they work as the seller has them advertised. If the scripts do NOT match what they're advertised as. IE: FLAWLESS, when it's got at least two noticeable bugs that need to be fixed, we shouldn't be expected to pay $5-$30/month for sometimes ONE Auth when it doesn't do so. I'm not referring to one in specific because this is the second time i've purchased a script from two different scripters and it's been of worse quality than 90% of the free scripts that i've used. if the event these things happen, i'm not sure if we have it on here or not, but a buyer should be entitled to a full refund (provided they have sufficient evidence/haven't already used up their monthly auth), or be able to open a dispute about it. for example, If you sink $10-30 into an auth, then 2.5m into a bond, then another 1-1.5m to train that account up, just to have it banned because it's bugged out for three hours, you should be entitled to a refund because there's no chance in hell you're going to make that money back before receiving a ban hammer.
  13. @Usa No offense, but I'd expect a script that costs $10/Auth to be FLAWLESS. Even if people are experiencing lag there should be plenty of failsafes to stop these things from happening. Aside from that I love this script. Also, I do not lag at all, I manually watched this bot for four hours before going to bed, (watching it also get stuck in the bank screen for 4-7 minutes every 15-40 minutes) as well. twice within a twenty minute window it's just paused on the bank screen, this drastically reduces the amount of tabs made/hour TO BANK: (Edgeville (via glory)) USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: False USE SERVANT: False Issue(s) Experienced: sometimes the script will stop with the bank tab open for like four-seven minutes before closing, Also when I came and checked on it later today it was just sitting outside the bank 'waiting for house', and it'd been there for hours.. Picture:
  14. - Forget previous edits, purchased this script, will post back with progress report/feedback
  15. demigodiiii

    Trying to decide what p2p script to buy

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help and i'm aware bans happen rofl, was botting f2p