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  1. FYI, from MUTE, The Premium Scripter rank is required to take paid private requests. If you do not have the rank you are not allowed to take paid private requests however, you may take requests without any form of compensation.
  2. Very nice, I didn't have any issues during trial test. I mainly want to buy this for zulrah/infernal fishing. Any ETA on this?
  3. It is working now, just had to wait 20 minutes. Not sure what happened if someone can explain that would be great. Also please close. Edit: I just realized that this was mentioned in the Common bot / script problems thread. Sorry for spam
  4. Hello. I was running the Zulrah Helper script and it crashed. I restarted the Tribot client and now whenever I click "Start Script" it gives me an error " Since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE script at a time. Please close your other instances of Tribot to use this one." I tried these step: restarted my PC, deleted the .tribot folder in appdata/roaming but i am still getting the same error. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  5. Alchemist hydra/Hydra overlay helper would be great, monster isn't to difficult to kill but having to count every 3 attacks to change prayer is painful.
  6. great overlay helper, I died twice because it was my first time but after that I got the hang of it, went from 0 to 55 kills. Thank you! definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles at zulrah.
  7. Hello, Is this overlay helper still working? Ganno wait for a few replies before buying.
  8. It working very well when catching red chins, there one issue I'm facing. When the trap collapses it right-clicks too late after placing a trap so it does it a second time, can you take a look. Other then that its flawless. Thanks!
  9. Hello, great script it's working very well. Why does the script always right-click somewhere when I have a full inventory of fish and ready to shift-drop. It looks very weird. Can you take a look and remove please? Edit: Never mind fixed my issue!
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