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  1. for me bot loads ant etc. just not working good as it should, nmz bot randomly walking and always trying drink absorb pots even it's full :\ @TRiLeZ
  2. somethings wrong after last update, in nmz bot always clicking on absorb pots and thats all :|
  3. whole this day i'm getting this: and loader not starting, when it whould be fixed? i tired reinstal java also deleting the files in %AppData%\.tribot\dependancies please fix @TRiLeZ
  4. same think, it starts, but nothing happens
  5. and now after 10mins it works again... how ti fix that messages in that time you want to run your bot?
  6. hi, i bought scrip for 10$ and now i got message like this how to fix it?
  7. nice, but when we can load tribot client, because it's at 0% downloading for like 40+mins...
  8. stuck on downloading 0% wtf? when it will be fixed?