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  1. didnt get the status this all I got, ill try and have it do it again side note: those hits werent from me, someone ended up logging in while it was afk under me and attacking the crabs
  2. not sure why the gif didnt post, but it literally just stands in the spot im in for the crabs and doesnt move. even when not in combat, or out of food. just seems like it doesnt know how to walk to the bank, cause after I walk to the bank its perfectly fine.
  3. not sure why, but banking at sand crabs is not working I believe? like it wont run to the bank when out of food, but if I start walking towards the bank it will bank and do the rest. other than that it just sits there then logs out when not in combat, then will log back in and keep doing so till I adjust it.
  4. @iFluffee i added you on skype, waiting reply.
  5. @ifluffee i tried that and now the black box dont come up at all. nothing opens
  6. windows 7 prof @iFluffee
  7. when i try to open tribot i get a small black box then it closes immediately. tried searching for %appdata% tribot doesnt show up in those files. i used to use tribot a couple months ago, just tried downloading it on my new computer and it isnt working. java is up to date, even tried uninstalling java and reinstalling, nothing.
  8. the bot keeps stopping at the bank and says there is no food, yet i have 1k lobs? sometimes will run for 30min 10 min 1 hour it varies.
  9. you should also have it magic imbue when it can!! would be even more xp per hour!!
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