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  1. gotpot22

    TriBot downtime for everyone or just me?

    nope me too :/
  2. hey man, the update yesterday makes the script start then automatically crash so i can't even run it for some reason yet on my other computer i can. I think it's a client issue to be honest, but wanted to bring it up to you. Script is wonderful btw dude excellent work!!
  3. gotpot22

    TRiBot Release 9.226_2

    The recent update might have broke LG do you know if it did? I get stuck at starting client and a black screen last i remembered it broke due to an update. If so i'll just wait paitently.
  4. gotpot22

    Plank maker

  5. gotpot22

    TRiBot Release 9.226_1

    Not sure if it's just me, but LG seems to be acting odd when loading up. Again it might just be me
  6. Does anyone know who does private scripting? i would like to get a qoute.
  7. gotpot22

    TRiBot Release 9.226_0

    does this effect LG? also fuck fagex nice thought to add to client!
  8. wonderful, looks like ill be getting a premium script very soon, maybe even a provate one once i get some money built up since it can run me quite a bit i assume.
  9. I can't seem to get an account to last longer then 7 days using public scripts, fresh accounts with fresh ips. botting only a few hours for the first couple days. I never used a premium script in my life so i can't actually compare nor have i used a private one only to myself.
  10. Yeah, but remember how much time it would take to do all that. I'm sure by the time they really get around to it most people will have profited alot from it, then a n update will probly follow leading to the patterns to possibly change and ruin the work they did. It's just a circle we gotta deal with. A private script will be best as you are the only onewith it. They have no access to it at all forcing them to rely on their own methods which probly fail unless someone gets 99 in a week with 100 hours played sttraight. In that case it's obvious a script.
  11. I am interested in getting an account to a decent cb lvl to use this script. I plan on botting the cb hoping things go smooth of course, what would the recommended lvls be? 70-70-70? i feel like that would give a decent fight if challenged.
  12. gotpot22

    [ABCL 10] EZ Potions [Free]

    If i become a member anytime soon i will test this out as i assume the money making from this can be quite good.
  13. gotpot22

    Freezing graphics?

    alright cool im gonna start doing so bc my desktop that only has 2 gb ram is a lag machine i hope it allows me to at least run my scripts smoother and not bug out as much.
  14. gotpot22

    Freezing graphics?

    Will the bot continue to run and work if the freeze graphics is ticked? If so will it allow me to run my 2 bots on one computer smoother and with less lag? This is uing LG btw. My laptop from school has 8gb ram but my dsktop has 2 and it lags like a mofo which pisses me off to no end. lol
  15. gotpot22

    Auto Tanner [Open Source]

    Using Lg i sometimes get the moving cursor and right click it top left corner is there any way to fix that?