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  1. well i did do 1-54 slayer on my obby mauler, turael all the way was running 24/7. Too sad my goal was 55. and i got banned yesterday at 54. well... fagex
  2. Sup TriBot, im back here and back on RS. So im doing an essay ive been late with, probably 3-4 weeks late and now he told me i must hand the essay in. Its a essay about two different movies, and i need to compare them. I found a good source, and would love if someone could re-write the words, (not much, 1 page). I have the words, and only need to re-write. Please i really need this and i can pay for it if u want money, but english is too hard for me.. PM if u want me to send the text. (1 page it is, as i mentioned.) sincerly.
  3. Just read that u want other stuff, i could give u other games packets such as csgo,lol or other.
  4. Buying 22M. Pm pls.
  5. and if i had paypal i would buy, im not dumb
  6. if u aint here to help, then stfu. i got 1 dollar on my paypal, beginners making me look suspicious
  7. I need to get the stats, which takes few days, less time if more playing. You no need to pay me. ive done 300m+ with divica so i wont scam 2m
  8. So im back on OSRs and need something to start out with, need money for a bond and supplies, so 2M is prolly good. I will give u back same week but cant promise u on the same day or day after, probably 3-4 days after. I can make 100M-300M+ on 1 day easily, so i will definitly give u some extra for helping me out. Keep in my mind that i wont make money same day, need to get some stats first. sincerly.
  9. hi guys, since english is not my strongest language wid like to check if any of you in the forum could happily help me. I will be having a speech on thursday and the speech will be based on pretty much everything, it can either be organisations,people or something THAT is EMOTIONAL to the listeners, something they could rely on, and effect them emotional. pls help me, im willing to even pay some rsgp if u dont want to do it for free!
  10. u dont know prices for shit, this could be botted on 2-3 days easily. dont post ur shit
  11. i got offered 5m ea foracc by icdiamonds, so 15m gtfo
  12. I need 2 or more accounts like this done to friday next week, today is Sunday. I said 2 accounts because making more will take much more time. Stats i will need is: 60 attack 67 strength 1 defence skills: 25 agility 31 crafting 36 wc - pm or comment ur price. botted or handmade, its ur choice but if banned u buy another bond to continue the botting
  13. this? http://gyazo.com/7b70e23342fa18fcec2355cce2333fc0 by the way, is 1TB hard drive beside the SSD necessary? (not so good in comps)
  14. I've choosen these parts from a website, i wonder what u think. the price is 1230$ and i can pay that but not more. If there is any changes u should tell me please, the computer will be used for cs:go,bf4 and i wanted to play With VERY HIGH QUALITY, also 300 fps on cs:go. tribot, what u say, worth it, changes etc. the computer: http://gyazo.com/23a5603810b51613b2f480c065c755da