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  1. Ran so much better after I stopped using looking glass, don't know why I used that tbh. 0 deaths in 1h 44 min.
  2. I noticed the bot acts very botlike when it dies and tries to run back to bank (in falador), it missclicks and runs around the castle and also sometimes misslicks the bank and goes outside of it to the west. Is this a issue on my end only? Also seen weird behaviour at the portal around clan wars. Other than that great script dude!
  3. Dying very much, ran 58 minutes and killcount is 3, deathcount is 4. Using void armor, trident, fury and rune c'bow. Eating tuna potatoes and 5 karambwans, 126 combat, 99 prayer, 94 range and magic. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Is it possible to make it so it banks everything form zulrah in a specific tab?
  5. Is there any way to make it use 2 RoR's? Mine always breaks early on and the bot keeps on dying. Maybe i'm using the wrong settings, I've set Eat at 50% right now, upped it every death but don't know if that's the right approach. Tips?
  6. well for what it matters the electricity is free where I live lol. Don't know what that has to do with anything though.
  7. How much does VPS and scripts cost per month circa? As long as the incomes from the gold etc are higher than those its fine by me, getting payed even a little is fine by doing nothing at all lol.
  8. I'll contact you later on today if that's okay. I'm overseas until the 30th.
  9. The person who helps me wont have to wait one year, he or she will get the percentage during that entire year or longer whichever he/she agrees upon with me. While that person does it themselves they could also get extra money for basically doing nothing except helping out for a few days.
  10. Yes I understand. It's not disheartening, actually its good to hear. All of those things as proxies and dedicated servers would be something that I of course would pay for. If I dont get any luck here I guess I'll have to experiement myself but in order to cut losses it would be great to get some starting help, but if that's not possible I'll have to try anyways. Would be a good experience to run and manage a goldfarm, not to speak about the extra income other than from my irl job.
  11. That's why I thought maybe a big percentage of all sales would generate quite a lot of money for only a few hours of their time. I'll see if someone could be interested for now or else I'll have to change approach
  12. Hi. I'm looking to start a rather big goldfarming "business". For this I need someone to help me information or a "guide" how to go about doing everything as safely and effective as possible. I would need help with basically everything from creating the accounts, seting up the VPN, which scripts to use (or if I need to get some scripts privately made) and so on. In return for your help I am willing to give you a percentage of all revenues for 1-2 years (or maybe longer but with a smaller percentage after that time). Percentages and how long is something we can discuss via skype, pm or whichever you prefer. Bascially the more details and the better you help me set up a stable, secure and effective gold farm the more you will earn from it aswell so it's in both our interest to make it as successful as possible. Hope anyone of you will be interested in the deal we will agree upon. Of course I will stand for all the costs of VPN's, bonds and other costs. Kind regards, the_raz (I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section, I've tried posting this thead multiple times but there has always been some sort of error posting it. A moderator may move it to the right section)
  13. A bit off topic, but are you working on any other scripts other than your FC woodcutter? I really like that one, feels like it's very well made with the delay of "watching netflix/youtube videos" and stuff like that really decreases banrate and a lot of script doesn't do stuffl ike this.
  14. So basically every proxy IP I use I get stuck on this message. It's really annoying since I want to bot but not risk my main accounts.. Why is it doing this? Edit: Or "Loading Params"
  15. Lol I ain't tripping for shit. I specifically remember the ingame name I made since it was unusually, atlelast for my taste, immature with leetspeek etc.
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