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  1. 3 of my accounts, script is good, just make it doesn't want to wear those bolts... It says you need 36 range and my bots keep spam clicking them while they can't wear them.
  2. Grimy Herbs Guam = 200 Mareentill 202 tarromin 204 Harralander 206 Ranarr 208 Irit 210 Avantoe 212 kwuarm 214 Cad 216 dwarf 219 Lantadyme 2486 snape 3052
  3. Thanks, i'll submit some long long proggy's if this script is flawless
  4. Update script, it also attacks those men's walking there
  5. Some told you can die there, can you update the script so it eats food ect and runs away from such a randoms.
  6. Your sentence doesn't make any sense... I still don't get it to work, can someone help?
  7. When it is at bank, it click on bank and deposites it. But i have to manually click the bank away so it can continue again, can you fix this please.