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  1. Hi, I use your script, and its great, got 80 wc. Wondering if you could implement a dragon axe spcecial button, that would be awsome, as it is really easy to get high wc with your scirpt so, it would definitely be useful. Keep up the good work!
  2. Chief Dabz 117

    [Beta] Tri Fishing Trawler - Early access

    How many accounts do you have with 15+ fishing:3 Do you mind if your accounts get banned: yes, but i can bot a fresh account, from fresh ip, to 15+ fishing tonight in 20 minutes. Have you added me on skype:not yet, will make skype account.
  3. Hey dax, I'm running into a problem where, when I first run the script, the paint just says " Closing_Interface", and my character just stands there while the mouse does nothing. I have used your script on the same character many times to make thousands of bars, don't know what happend, other scripts have been acting weird sense update too though, so idk if its your script or tribot.
  4. Alpha, for some reason it is still doing the exact same thing, I closed tribot, ended all java tasks in task manager, rebooted my computer, re-loaded tribot, ran the script and I am running into the same error, not sure if im doing something wrong or what the issue is. Don't wanna blame anything on your end, but I dont know what im doing wrong if you could help me out.
  5. Hi, I am running into a bug when trying to smith gold bars in Al-Kharid, it keeps on trying to withdraw my coal bag and an inventory full of coal. Than puts the coal back and coal bag, than withdraws gold ore, smelts gold ore, goes back to bank, and gets stuck trying to withdraw my coal bag, when it has a full inventory of gold bars.
  6. Hi Tri, I am still having problems with it not banking after getting a full inventory of loot. I have the web walking default selected, and i checked the box that says " Bank when out of Food (or B2P tabs)". I am training on cows across the river lumby by Al-Kharid. It just picks up a full inventory of cowhides, and than continues to fight the cows, without going to bank the full inventory first.
  7. Chief Dabz 117

    Tribot Loader Not Working.

    The tribot loader will not open tribot, I have all the recent updates from java and what not. I am not a computer programmer, so I would need detailed help.
  8. Currently having a problem at the coal trucks, it will mine a full load of coal from the coal trucks, walk to bank, but when it walks back to the mine, it just click's in the middle of the mine without crossing the agility log first.
  9. Hi, im a new user of the script, and im having a hard time setting up an item looting table for the Al-Kharid warriors, I was wondering if someone had the item IDs of the loot tables for the Al-Kharid warriors, for the coins, herbs, runes, and Easy Clue Scrolls.
  10. Chief Dabz 117

    Looking glass stuck on "Looking for RuneScape Client" screen

    The cmd prompt said success so I dont know what your talking about
  11. Chief Dabz 117

    Looking glass stuck on "Looking for RuneScape Client" screen

    Everysingle bot I have ran has been banned within 6 hours, and I would really like to know how to use looking glass so I can stop getting banned everysingle time.