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  1. @J M C that was what I was looking for, thanks man! @Erifir I suggest you look into it aswell mate. cheers
  2. thx guys i'll look into it
  3. I noticed this in an other post: Quote: "I'am botting currently with 4 accounts (all oak wc) and I was just watching one of them and boom he disconnected I was 100% sure he got banned but then the bot logged in and everything was fine. " As the worlds are dcing very often lately I would sure think there is some kind of solution? You also got an option to make the bot take breaks, so the log in system is there... Why not make it log back in after server disconnects?
  4. Hello guys, I'm new to tribot, and i'm wondering if it's possible to make your bot log in after it dc'd? The worlds are so unstable... Is there a way? Cheers
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