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  1. Can I get a refund please? Script never worked...its been 10 days and I haven't used it. i'll buy it again when its working.
  2. Have there been any updates? Still not working, Keeps getting lost in the wildy. Made it to lava dragons once but couldn't get through the gate. It was spam clicking on the gate on a f2p world. Not too happy with the script this time.
  3. Just bought the scipt and its not working. Its just walking around in the wildy. Doesn't even get to lava dragons...I've got all the equipment etc.
  4. Was working fine but now It keeps walking to Edgeville instead of using the glory. I have several charged glories but it won't use the teleport. Only making 50k an hour atm
  5. Not sure what it was doing here...
  6. Does the script support safespot? Can I train range with this? Will it pick up the pile of arrows and ignore the one or two stray arrows?
  7. My other account got stuck in a deadman world too. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. It was stuck in a deadman world...and it was trying to login to a world that required 2000 total level Account was stuck for a few hours and got banned =(