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  1. perk tv?
  2. i cringe at most threads in this section, this was one of them
  3. if you are trying to gold farm with 0 gold to start with good luck
  4. and no. it still randomly logs out and attempts to log into an f2p world. the random dragonstone deposit bug hasn't occurred again but this STILL happens.
  5. i bot 3 accs on the same ip for 18 hrs/day at the same time. idk
  6. doing the same shit. keep spending my money on drugs tho shit
  7. lol no thanks, i have no information to provide besides that it happened after the update.
  8. http://gyazo.com/7464c33a9fa32f9bf114b69ff8dfcdc0 not sure wtf happpened..it was trying to deposit all of them for 20 minutes. idk how it even got that many edit: happening to all my accs, wouldnt use enchant room (d stones specifially) till fixed
  9. here we go..rs updating again
  10. ok
  11. 2 room breaking bugs: alch room breaks at 30 points for some reason tele room messes up every hour or so because of the bug posted above^^ edit: enchantment room still tries logging into f2p worlds..
  12. that is literally what he just said rofl
  13. do you have the bottom part showing? you can lower that http://gyazo.com/d08514101a41b6f88dd02abc1af35bbe this part
  14. lol u think a method thats 433k /hr and f2p is gonna be profitable? grats op