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  1. The bot currently choses to kill blue dragons, instead of baby blue dragons. I would suggest switching to baby blue dragons, this task is taking forever
  2. More than anything, I'd love to see Nieve added. That would be the ultimate gamer changer.
  3. The bot keeps hopping worlds looking for an Ardy Knight in the north east room marketplace even though there is a Knight there. https://pastebin.com/wmUS7nyK
  4. I'm attemping to train with magic shortbow and cannon, went AFK and I came back and the bot was off and cannon gone https://pastebin.com/Xpn0inN6
  5. I also believe the food withdrawn isn't enough - turoth task (level 85) ........with 4 monkfish
  6. Had the bot randomly stop after completing an Ogre task. It was safespotting the cannon and range-onlying the Ogres for some reason. https://pastebin.com/d51un44Z I found this odd, as previously the bot completed all ogre tasks here (Without any issues)
  7. The bot runs great currently, one thing I have noticed - the bot will not pickup it's cannon before going on break. Luckily I noticed this before the Cannon disappeared. Which would explain why my bot had 2 cannons the night before, which subsequently stopped the bot from being able to place a cannon that evening and left it in a loop trying to click the cannon. https://paste.ee/p/on9SB
  8. I was able to duplicate the error. I started the bot with basic melee gear + black mask and went AFK for a bit. I did not modify or touch the bot at all. I'm not sure what the previous task was, as I wasn't here. It then just gets stuck at the bank withdrawing & depositing repeatedly. No failsafe either I'm assuming the previous task changed the helmet slot? https://pastebin.com/gxvKcKgH
  9. A few tasks would be much more effective with certain gear switches. For example, it's very ineffective to wear armour at bloodvelds, I would strongly recommeond: "if" bloodveld task, equip Black D'hide body + chaps also I think I mentioned but: "if" Infernal mages or abberant spectres, equip monk robe top+bottom
  10. Both of my accounts finished their task and got stuck in the bank. They would withdraw the entire inventory, deposit the bank items and continue withdrawing This only occurred after completing a task and banking for the next https://pastebin.com/b0r85Qxw
  11. Wonderful, I'll unlock Bigger & Badder today. So far I've achieved 10-60 slayer on two accounts in my testing.
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