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  1. Hello I accidently bought the wrong script, can I please have my 10 credits back?
  2. I put money in the coffer but it's still searching for money, first time using Blast Furnace. [12:39:23] [Debug] Inventory: {12019=1, 453=26} [12:39:23] [NBlast Furnace] Ending script: We have run out of coins to pay the foreman [12:39:23] [Debug] Script terminating [12:39:23] [Debug] Script ending [12:39:23] [Session Tracker] Data updated successfully [12:39:23] Printing session statistics... [12:39:23] Runtime: 00:00:09 [12:39:23] Profit: 0 (0) [12:39:23] Bars: 0 (0) [12:39:23] Exp: 0 (0) (0) [12:39:23] Archhh, thank you for using nBlast Furnace. Please leave all comments, reviews, and bug reports on the forums thread. Thanks - Naton [12:39:23] Script Ended: nBlast Furnace.
  3. Experiencing a small issue with Aerial Fishing. When I advance a cooking level, the bot gets stuck in the "congratulations youve gained a cooking level" display Debug: https://pastebin.com/kwCs1gGS
  4. Honestly, not very well - ended up getting banned. But, my breaktimes weren't great and usually I don't get banned with Naton's scripts.
  5. good script, but slow at logging out gets caught by a lot of pkers in the wilderness
  6. Trying this for the first time with 100M cash stack. Let's see how she goes!
  7. Archhh


    Can we force @Naton to make nRunecrafter? #botwishlist
  8. banking isn't working since update https://pastebin.com/j2ZMSu8H
  9. Archhh

    nRogues Den

    grats on release
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