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  1. Just a quick question. From what I understand when you use looking glass it loads an RS client from your desktop, therefore even if you are using looking glass you click a proxy, isn't it technically still playing through your desktop therefore your actual IP?
  2. I bought 8 credits and haven't got them yet? I've purchased credits before so I did everything correctly.
  3. We got intel that Endurance was massing up so we decided to group up and go out and hit them. We had many fights against them and right after that fight, we heard many other LPCs were out with many opts. We fought them like warriors and they gave some good action for this wonderful day. Starting/Ending CRITICAL DAMAGE : 20 / 28 Endurance : 25 / 0 Excel : 32 / 13 Risk Takerz : 28 / 0 Doom : 28 / 0 Envy : 20 / 0 Our first fight was against Endurance, as they are new to the LPC scene, we decided to show them who are we. We began to fight them with pretty much the same opts and we ended up clearing them as they ran their way to single strip. They gave us good fight and I give them a round of applause because they stood strong and fought us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After that first round against Endurance, we decided to walk our way to chaos altar and go back to 26 hills where we first fought them. As we rushed from the south, they were ready to give us a second round. This time, they out-numbered us but we fought like warriors and once again cleared them out of the 26 hills. They ended after these two long fights and once again, thanks for the fights! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now we got intel that Risk Takerz and Excel were about to fight each other. We wanted to crash them but they knew we were out with 20 warriors so they did not manage to start a fight. We decided to rush RT even if they had way more than us. We easily cleared them close to 18 ports and we pulled east to Sperm Hill where Xl were try to hide. We fought them on top of that Hill and they finally got pushed south where we couldn't attack them anymore due to their levels. We were walking south and out of nowhere, Doom decided to hit us as half of us were banking... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We quickly regrouped and went back up to smash the fuck out of Doom. They thought we would give up after they rushed half of our clan and pretended they cleared CD lol. They told us to meet at Gap and we went there and we rushed them. They out-numbered us as they were teaming up with NP randoms because they were scared to lose. We gave them one of the hardest slap and cleared the fuck out of them. At that moment, they knew they fucked up as there was not one single Demon as they call themselves LMFAO. I guess this time the Warriors took the win for sure ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We walked down after getting a ''Doom cleared'' spam and as we got to 18 ports, our scouts told us that Doom was quickly regrouping at North-East Graveyard and they were planning to hit us from the back as we were low on food. We decided to go and bully them in singles where they had Horm raging on teamspeak and in-game. We took them down one by one and they fnally ended up leaving our wilderness and giving up on today's trip. RIP ZENITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After making Doom end their trip, we went to Chaos Altar and came face to face with Envy. We fought and we managed to make them tele and kill them. This was a short fight and we took our ending as we finished on a good note. CRITICAL DAMAGE stood strong and ended up being the last clan standing. Thanks for the fights @Endurance, Risk Takerz, Excel, Doom and Envy! I hope we see you guys around more in the wildy, it was really fun today! pictures :
  4. www.critical-damage.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOSbOUVxFRA We knew this weekend will be pretty action packed as it would be Sv's first prepped wilderness fight which allowed another big contender to enter with us/op/doom. As 5:30 EST rolled up we massed up and gained about 55 people ready to fuck shit up.While we got ready and headed out we got word that all of the clans pretty much had a identical pull around the 50s. We first round Doom in a random world so we decided to hit them up a visit. When we logged into their world they logged out instantly leaving behind their straggling members left behind to die. Doom spent the next 10 minutes regrouping. We found Olympus around 18 ports so we rushed them. We had around the same so it was a pretty competitive fight, But we knew it would get crashed within minutes. SV rushed in and joined in the action, As we both had the same capes on OP decided to bail to corp as we fought SV at CA. We held down the altar fighting SV, Doom tried to log in south of ca and tried to range us threw the wall. We just pulled north and focused on SV for most part. Soon after OP would rush in CA so we ran past them and gathered everyone. As we got everyone back we found Doom at 18 Ports so we rushed them. They pretty much were destroyed off the bat quickly and were sent to singles with 18 people left in game. At this point Sv/OP were fighting so we went and hit them both. We first focused OP as they were south of 18 ports then switched back to SV. At this point most clans were just sniping each other in singles so we hopped to a different world and gathered everyone. We found Olympus at sperm hill in world 26 so we logged right on top of them [5:35 in the video above] and fought them. We took them by surprise and with high spams and great binds we sent them packing from sperm to 18 ports. They would try to fight back with what they got but it wasn't enough. The last few bailed into singles and logged out. After that we would find Sv/Doom fighting so we hit up that world. Doom was at 18 ports so rushed from the south and ranged into them. Sv was north so we bailed a bit south to CA, As we did that Doom were trying to chase us but they were pretty much were getting destroyed by us from the south and Sv from the north. I came home late so i didn't any pictures, Few people did poke me some so ill throw up what i got, They'll be in random order. was a pretty fun day out, pretty competitive with 4 clans that pull a good amount. Keep up the activity pals.
  5. http://critical-damage.org/forums/ Doom posted a prep for Wednesday so we decided to head out today and hit them. After massing for 30 minutes we headed out as soon as Doom did. CD Starting: 65 people Doom Starting: 65 people Right off the bat we took the lead and ran a stream of KO's through their front line while only a couple of us were dying. CD's superior organization and communication gave us the ability to run more effective scim pushes and movements. Minutes in CD took the lead and Doom began walking toward new gate. During this extended death march we picked off about 80% of their remaining pile, packing them all to lumbridge. Horm contacted me for a second round and I accepted. This time around we caught them at 26 hills and rushed Doom. We immediately took the lead with better spam towers and piles. A few minutes in Doom began deathmarching northwest while we chased them off. Once the remaining ~10 Doom survivors walked off to graveyard they quickly logged out from the blitzkrieg. CD Ending: 50+ remaining (62 on Teamspeak) Doom Ending: 0 Pictures: Starting Great job today CD.
  6. i said yes to MM, sold anyway