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  1. Looks amazing Good work everyone!
  2. right, but it still expands the big massive side-bar in order to run a script
  3. Will there be an option to use the older client as well?
  4. could we get a script selection button on the top right? that will give us a pop-up with the scripts (similar to old client) instead of opening this new big clunky side panel?
  5. Bot is now getting stuck at the ge/bank interfaces on 10.24.2 and all newer as well. Bot is also still not equipping facemask for dust devils
  6. banking appears to be broken o.O https://i.imgur.com/W4RUfNg.gifv
  7. For some reason the bot isn't equipping a facemask before dust devil tasks - just died lol Also, it would be nice to see the bot utitilize the scroll wheel instead of slowly clicking the scroll bar in the bank - food for thought for antiban!
  8. I'm noticing the bot is overeating a lot during tasks. For example, i'm doing an abberant spectres task - i'm 77/78 HP and the bot eats a shark. It continues to overeat throughout multiple tasks o.O Also, personal review for the thread: 1-70 Slayer on two accounts, no bans.
  9. I've pmed you a decent list of updated and reliable scripts/scripters
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