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  1. I've done some searching on the forum and google but couldn't find my exact issue. I'm sorry if I overlooked something. To start: Does this problem appear more often, if yes what did you do and what caused the problem? This is my first time attempting to bot in over a year. It occurs everytime that I try to open Tribot (freshly downloaded) What kind of java version do you have installed. 1.8.0_151 bot JDK and JRE What did you try to fix this yourself? Made sure the Tribot download was latest. Completely removed java from my computer and reinstalled both JDK and JRE. Removed Tribot entirely from my %appdata%. What kind of OS are you using? Windows 7 x64 Here are a few screenshots of the console logs when attempting to start the bot: Also to clarify, I'm not attempting to use a proxy. These are my login settings: Edit: Updating to 8u152 didn't change anything. Edit2: Using a 32 bit version of Java doesn't change anything.
  2. Having an issue getting into any room. No matter what room I select, it tells me I do not have the runes for that game and it stops the script. I have all the runes necessary, including staves:
  3. @erickho123 This'll occasionally hapen with the alch room. Its not just empty coffers as well, it'll keep clicking on the first one it starts at. http://imgur.com/SQMU77Q P.S. - Tele room is running nicely, great work. Edit: Another minor issue, which is likely tribot's world hopping function, is the bot will get stuck on a popup when switching to world 365 for about 10-15 seconds - its the high risk world. However, it logs out shortly after - and then logs into the world via the login screen.
  4. Halp pls messiah. (All of my bots are getting suck on this hi message - I restarted my client multiple times but no luck; Didn't try to delete AppData or hooks or misc)
  5. @Druid A bird's nest will drop, and the bot doesn't pick it up, and this is while banking mode is selected. As far as settings are concerned, I'm currently using a custom radius, banking yew logs. However, it still was not picking them up even when I'm using a pre-defined location (e.g. Gnome yews). Interesting enough, it was picking up nest about a week ago at Catherby Yews. Go figure. Let me know if you need anything else. They're a big boost to gp/hr!
  6. @Druid still having issues picking up bird's nest and obviously its an utter pain to recreate. If I see it happen, do you want a stacktrace? Not sure whether it'd be relevant or not.
  7. For whatever reason, my accounts have only been picking up bird's nest at Catherby and GE when chopping yews. Guess I'll be sticking to those for now but could you take a look @Druid. Otherwise, those two places are flawless, good work
  8. bmjslider

    USA Tutorial Island

    What a time to be alive
  9. @TacoManStan The newest update has 'broken' the enchantment room. Now, there are worlds that require a certain total level to login to. These new worlds need to be blacklisted as the bot just tries to login and login into them. // Although this could very well be a Tribot issue. I haven't actually bothered to ever look at the API Also regarding the tele room, I'm getting stuck here
  10. My alchemy room has been solid. No problems there, but the telek room does have mazes where the script will get stuck. See below:
  11. I'm just sitting here wondering how you got the name 'Tau' from TacoManStan. Shouldn't you be TMS or something?

    1. cireboterci


      Its the name of a greek letter.

    2. TacoManStan


      cireboterci is right; Tau is the Greek letter for "T". Also TMS sounds too much like PMS, and who would want to buy a PMS script?

  12. @TacoManStan It appears none of my bots are running (By running, I mean run energy depletion). Its not room dependent as I currently have bots in all 4 of them. Instead, they seem to hover here when trying to turn run on. Apologies for no formal report, but the stacktrace doesn't look useful. Edit: It essentially just clicks where the cursor is in the picture above. Likely just due to this zoom bar update.