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  1. Would you like to take the risk?
  2. I believe you can do it by going on purchase VIP and paying the extra amount.
  3. Thank you
  4. I'm going to come back to this thread as I am also wondering the same.
  5. I don't really have much in the way of help for you, have you tried starting the script whilst next to the experiments? Seems to be working fine for me, have you restarted client etc?
  6. Hopefully this'll stay in recent topics so people don't spam post. Mine is fine, but thanks anyway.
  7. wut? =/
  8. Welcome back, I do remember seeing your name on rsbots.net - such a while back now isn't it! I think you should go for the max mauler used to love seeing your progression.
  9. Glad I bought without the code :')
  10. Dragon slayer is needed for rune plate and d'hide body
  11. I wouldn't even bother botting there.
  12. 96 range, banned. Oh well Had a good run. Think I might be done with it now though as a whole.
  13. I clicked to view as I was intrigued