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  1. Just bought the script and I'm getting this. Is anyone else getting this because I feel like I just wasted money on this script.
  2. Just took it, best of luck with the assignment.
  3. Just mapped varrock west bank to stronghold spiders and back. Took a lot longer than I thought it would and it still manages to click just a little off where I want it too, but I've just been mapping everything around it, so it gets there no matter what lol.
  4. After getting perma banned on my main awhile back with a different script I decided to come back and see how far I could get. Took the proper steps to make my account safer and used your flawless script to go from 50-99 in 6days. Off to see if I can get away with getting max combat, or get banned, either outcome is ok with me
  5. Everything is good about this script except the random running away from the bank. Sometimes it goes flawlessly for 4 to 5 hours, but other times within an hour or two it has run away from the bank and is just sitting afk in a random area. The funniest part is that today I started my bot before my class in the GE and came home and it managed to run away from the GE, but FOUND ITS WAY TO THE WEST Varrock bank? LOOOL just blew my mind, but would love if this issue could get fixed!
  6. I know your really busy with your zulrah script, but can we see more quests added to this anytime soon as I already have all your supported quests completed and would love to buy this script when more are added.
  7. It's funny I find myself always buying your scripts as they are the highest quality compared to others, but I'm curious if we will see a paint rework for this script? Kinda like tri pest control had this paint, but then got a more updated paint.
  8. Just bought the script and it doesn't even work. Script fails to enter the name for "Friends house" and it fails to find a host name as well. All be waiting for an update or a refund. Why don't premium scripts get removed after "x amount of days without an update" for evaluation that they run without any script breaking bugs so no one buys a script that doesn't even work?
  9. Just ran the script, went to get something to eat, and it was done with the quiz by the time I got back
  10. Can we let the bot decide when to use the special attack as it uses it right away when it can (EX: Use special attack above 55 at random time)(Example for magic shortbow as it requires 55). Because when I'm playing legit I never get my special attack the second it is available I always get it a little bit after that because I'm distracted or forget about it.
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