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  1. When will resizeable work with the tribot client?
  2. I ran this script for a couple of hours, not much, i monitored it so that i wouldn't get reported, etc. I didn't use proxies, no breaks, and hardly played legitly .. so maybe that was a factor.
  3. I spoke wayyyy too soon. My skiller just got perm-banned a few minutes ago. I wasn't watching what the script was doing, so i'm not too sure what the reason was, but i'm sad now
  4. It's working now, thanks! I look forward to more scripts I will support you all the way. This script has amazing anti-ban and is simple to use. Once again, thanks!
  5. I'm getting this error message: [08:12:26] Script Started: FC Woodcutting.[08:13:08] You must allow all connections to finalcal.com in order to run this script.[08:13:08] This is purely for dynamic signatures and online user count reporting.[08:13:08] There was an error loading the image from[08:13:29] There was an error loading the image from[08:13:29] Script Ended: FC Woodcutting. Any way to fix this?