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  1. And how are you going to go forth of creating a completely flawless (yes, flawless, in terms of the community trusting this script) and impregnable to having one not destruct the account in any way? It won't be very efficient to do this, especially if you are willing to create something like this that monitors every single action done on the account. There are endless ways to screw over someone's account, and you most likely would have to update it on a bi-weekly or day-by-day basis and ensure a policy that would promise 100% trust by users of this script as an alternative rather than just doing deals with a trusted user.
  2. You sure are proud of dumping money away. True programmers/developers do not look into the money, they look into what work they are doing. You can't make good scripts if you come on a bot forum and aim to make money from programming scripts with no previous experience. You'll divulge yourself in baseless programming techniques and understandings that will lead you to create lousy results.
  3. People who come here wanting to script just for money should not even bother. If you can't program, don't script. Simple as that.
  4. A typical 2D game has a tile grid system for tiling such as flooring, etc, and then a separate collection of 2D shapes and objects for entities like players. When you tie in a collision system that would work between these two, you have yourself a 2D game. For your ore dilemma, I'd look into procedural generation. If you already looked into this, you should be easily able to manipulate the algorithm so that you can have groupings of ores spawn. There are also many examples of Minecraft's ore procedural generation where the generation of certain ores are based off of the rarity or percent chance for it to spawn every X blocks.
  5. Nice work man. Keep us updated!
  6. I may have read the first statement in a wrong way or you must have outputted it in a wrong way. Oh well.
  7. Ironic considering the idiocy you showed in your first application for the script rank; something that seemed to have been denied immediately.
  8. I was implying that because of how you responded back to me, that's all.
  9. Oh, sorry, the low income of your scripts must be mesmerizing you so much that you fail to acknowledge the truth. I'll be sure to keep in mind of that next time you come in attempting to think you're even somewhat knowledgeable of Java. After all, all that you contributed to anything related with the language is "scripts". I'm sure your "future employers" will love to see that on your resume.
  10. Oh, what's up cutie pie? I enjoyed proving you wrong multiple times of your arrogance and incompetence on HF. Why did you stop posting there?
  11. @daxmagex I haven't used your script after a week of use due to a ban (not your fault, mine entirely for leaving it unattended during a bot bust), but I'd like to address the same problems I've seen while watching it: 1. It picks up arbitrary items from the ground that are completely irrelevant to what the bot is doing in general. 2. It sometimes gets coal and adamantite (or any other ore) in the inventory at the same time with the coal bag, and either stops working altogether or gets stuck for a few minutes. 3. Without the "shoveler" job selected, the bot sometimes picks up a shovel for no reason. 4. When repairing a pipe, it repeatedly spams to repair it while the message "Someone else is repairing this." shows up. I won't be using your script anymore as I don't have another account to use, but good luck with your future endeavors. I'll be working on my own now.
  12. TBH I'd just turn the camera when you are running, in combat, or if your mouse is in the game viewport.
  13. Lol what? Just because you code a script that isn't well written and well in use of an anti-ban method doesn't mean that you should expect to not be banned.
  14. No, it is not dangerous, just use ABCL10 and try not occupying a lot of CPU usage when multi-threading. Also, just because it's a "private script" doesn't mean it's not prone to being detected.
  15. Depends on how complex it is. I can do this for you but I cannot do premium as I have no released any public scripts yet (but will in the future) Otherwise, good luck on finding someone, there are plenty of good script creators out there.