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  1. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the release of ABC2. Kind of a big deal in terms of our safety using this woodcutting script (especially woodcutting since it's a heavily botted skill.)
  2. It works at the stronghold of security if you're not banking, but if it accidentally misclicks on a door then the script gets stuck (and hopefully you've check marked the 'logout after 5 minutes of no xp gains' option in settings.) That being said, I've had to switch back to JJ's AIO Fighter because this script can't even properly run for longer than 15 minutes for me.
  3. I cannot get this script to run more than 15-20 minutes for the past week. The script keeps stopping and says, "because out of supplys." Which is not true because I have a full inventory of food.
  4. Has anyone else been experiencing for the past day the script stopping and saying "out of supplys" when it's really not out of supplys?
  5. I never knew you could get maxed out stats using ExNMZ in 6 weeks. And yeah that is cheap. Thanks for the info!
  6. How so? Don't you log into your account from time to time not on Tribot to do miscellaneous stuff (questing, GE, etc.?) That would be a change in account movement assuming you're not VIP-E using LG and human mouse movements.
  7. I believe you're confusing me with the OP? I have different stats and different goals.
  8. What are my xp goals?
  9. Unfortunately that script is pretty pricey and there's no lifetime purchase. I guess I can see why though for how complex the script is.
  10. I've noticed when fighting in the Stronghold the camera angle gets real low and the script will right click on Flesh Crawlers when there not even in view. Most of the screen is black when viewing from behind the wall. Does this make sense from how I explained it? Looks very bot like.
  11. The script is currently having an issue worldhopping. Not sure if Jagex added a new dialog box, but when the script uses the World Switcher it doesn't know what to do when the three options come up on the screen.
  12. I didn't realize it was already in development. Thanks for the info!
  13. Has this been confirmed by @TRiLeZ? If so, what improvements does v2 aim to improve or newly release? Edit: Thank you @Stan0606 https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api/util/ABC2Util.html