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  1. yep, perm'd on one of my accs, only ran one game at 3am EST or so, must have been jmod running through nmz
  2. I wouldn't call this suiciding since I'm not going 24h no breaks. I play like a regular person that's grinding mining, mix it up with some other skills in between and bare amounts of questing. I'm not sure how you would have issues getting past 70, I can easilly get a fresh account to 65. Almost every new account I try to bot on f2p gets banned so I have just gotten into the habit of farming money for bonds and starting accounts that way. Hit a new record for any script. I've never broken 60h before
  3. chiming in with a proggy, solid work it runs for 30+ hours again!
  4. I love your scripts and am thankful for the work you have already put in. Ultimately it was my mistake, but if you think it is worth it, could you look into having the 5 min xp failsafe work regardless of the "state" the script is started with to prevent people such as myself from shooting themselves in the foot like this? The point of the failsafe is indeed to catch these low hanging fruit, perhaps not specifically this particular use case but it would indeed make the script more robust.
  5. edit: @Aropupu figured it out not a client difference issue, if the script is started in the wrong level of motherlode it will get stuck and stand there logging in and out forever. Seems the XP failsafe does NOT activate in this case. RIP account.
  6. Hmm recent game update with LG the script just stands there at motherlode doing nothing. Deleted hooks folder so I don't think that's the problem. Anyone else getting this?
  7. Is anyone having issues with the login bot on LG? it will get to the splash screen (press here to play screen) and then assume it's logged in and whatever script is running will spam input on the screen.
  8. I'm playing a game with myself to see how many times I can one-up my records
  9. Yep it wasn't just exMTA, everything is broken with LG
  10. @TRiLeZ The .303_1 update completely broke exMTA with LG. It was working great on just the .303 update (it was broken on the previous update before you fixed the ground items bug), what happened?
  11. account I posted proggy on got hacked. no matter, recovered it and kept chuggin away. Take that, hacker :D. I'm tempted to just make a fresh acc and see how long it takes to get banned 24/7, this script is so stable and human-like!
  12. rpg711

    compromised account

    I dont think it'd be possible to connect that information to this account. I probably would have faced a lot more issues than losing 3M pixels if the hacker was able to connect the dots between that account and this one. As for password, I randomly generated a password for the new email/account so there's no connection there. Whats more confusing is that google actually caught that "someone has my password" and they stopped the sign-in to my paypal email. This happened while I was sleeping last night so I guess the guy must have waited for the 6h timer and recovered the acc during it. Leaves the question of how the heck the guy was able to recover my account/change the email without any payment information. The only login (also from Germany, dam it Germany -_-) that WAS permitted was to the email that was registered to that RS account. The only guess I have is that the hacker somehow logged into the email and stole the acc, deleting the jagex emails after so I couldnt notice.
  13. Just got a noobie account stolen with over 400 marks of grace, shortly after posting a 19h progress report. I know that part is just a coincidence, I'm just really confused at how the account was stolen in the first place. The account was created from the email to the account itself on a VPS (Virtual Buddy, which is trusted AFAIK) through a proxy, and was never used outside of tribot (well, I use OSBuddy through LG, but I HIGHLY doubt that is what compromised the account). The email was linked to my primary email but no illegal sign-ins were detected on either emails. I did notice an illegal sign-in on my paypal email (which isn't my primary email) from Germany, so I'm guessing that's how they recovered the account... but it still doesn't really add up. How could the hacker even figure out what email was linked to the account? There is no info besides an invoice number, but the guy couldnt have used that because he shouldn't have been able to figure out the linked email address (it was completely different from the account name and not linked to my paypal email in any way). Or, is this just an example of how flawed the recovery system is? If so its kinda comical its as bad as it was when I stopped playing 5 years ago.
  14. I'm not sure how you would "go crazy with it" considering it freezes in about 40 minutes, its only useful right now if you fully babysit unless you have gear you dont mind disappearing on the floor.
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