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Everything posted by sulocancetin

  1. Ill try this script again with fresh account. Lets see how it work... Got 6 times 99 fletch with this script a year ago.
  2. Im testing script with mlm now with fresh accounts. Ill post my proggies soon.
  3. title... Tried Butta & Artics, both didnt answer me.
  4. Lol, its working flawless for me with LG.
  5. Bought 6 codes from him. Trusted seller TY ! Edit; 1 code get error.
  6. Got 99(fully botted) mining and Pet... Thanks buddy. Edit; Not MM. Its powermining
  7. 15 bots without LG ? My computer handle 6 bots with LG & 20 LoL accounts same time. %95 ram usage %95 cpu usage
  8. +1 im looking same private script.
  9. Got 87 mining with regular client.. Still going strong ^^ Method ; M1D1 powerleveling
  10. Tried, same... I have a problem just with ur script. Another scripts work flawless without freeze.
  11. Using LG... Freeze so hard. Quest ; Waterfall Cant start cuz of freeze... 4min at bank and still stay there. http://prnt.sc/ekq4nc
  12. If you are PC specs enough to handle 3 VM's same time. I can help you for free tomorrow.
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