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Everything posted by sulocancetin

  1. @Aropupu Whats wrong ? I have this issue. Bot Debug ; Same problem another client ; Debug;
  2. Im making 100k less than hour. You know ?
  3. My method is Heroes guild with 90+ cb accounts. So i didnt got any ban from this script.
  4. I have problem, sometimes after bank. My account stuck somewhere and ; @Aropupu
  5. trade with caution, this user tried to scam me.
  6. going first ? btc or paypal ?
  7. Bad luck Fully botted (botting 18h/day, powermining 1-70>>>mlm for nuggets 70-75>>>powermining 75-90>>>90-95 runite mining>>>mlm 95-99);
  8. If you are very trusted, ill go first.
  9. I can get 60 agility accounts(fresh 3 cb) so easy without any ban.
  10. Also position information not working.
  11. Im running 12 LG at same time. Only 1 working well, same settings & same java versions. Look like its not java problem.
  12. It dont show the time when it takes a break, etc... Deleted hooks.dat & .tribot folder 123934569830456390456 times. Still i have this problem.
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