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  1. Currently Tribot's Client Starter so buggy when you try to open 10+ accounts. Because there is no sleeptime between clients opening. Request: CLI starterDescription: CLI starter for multiple accountsPayment Amount: $10 - $150Time: asapAdditional: simple
  2. I can sell to you my guide for zulrah farming. (Botting 9h to 16h daily.) Its $1000. If interested pm me
  3. Suicided 1 account. 2 day 21 hour proggy within 4 days(cuz of client issues). Totally earned 42M(~30M pure profit) It was nice run. Flawless script !
  4. @chkj4953 @luckis55 Worldhop and banking working for me.
  5. added 2 new idea; 6. Demonic gorillas 7. Disciplines of Iban killing ( 500k/h is enough reason to buy script) I tried ur script after tutorial island with 3 level account. Maybe its reason, ill give it a try again later. We already have abbys scripts but all of them ABLC10 also i think they are profiled (cause they are old scripts and not getting update for new anti-ban) I saw someone post today about webwalking paths so its why i offer you to make ur owns. You can check it there ; https://tribot.org/forums/topic/76996-einsteins-woodcutter-probably-the-best-woodcutter-on-tribot/?do=findComment&comment=916858 If you decide to make vorkath script, i think someone can lend account for it
  6. Im loving ur scripts. Currently using ncrab and its awesome. Tried ncannonbal too but its need some anti-ban updates(it got me ban within a day). 1. Abyss Runecrafting (if it can stay under ban-radar, i think 10-15 buck per auth not much for this script so you can make a lot money) 2. Ava's questline with ur amazing anti-ban system(also ur own webwalker paths). 3. Vorkath script. (High reqs = low ban rate = much user = $$$$$) 4. Tutorial island + account creator (tried other tutorial scripts and all of them profiled, got me banned within mins) 5. Regicide questline (you can make a few thousand every month) 6. Demonic gorillas 7. Disciplines of Iban killing ( 500k/h is enough reason to buy script)
  7. Bans are important so if im getting low ban rate when using this script, thats all.
  8. Im making $+2k monthly with zulrah script also getting rarely banned (~1 bans weekly, running 25+) This is ur fault, cry like a river.
  9. @Fluffee He sold me another user private script for 2 weeks. (Script says "Cookin's Venetatis Script" also link for it; https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2794-venenatis-private-script/ ) https://gyazo.com/51050437e0c40c2efe26ec0f41ec093d Can i get refund too?
  10. How many accounts are u running ? ?
  11. @TRiLeZ Fix GE inventory item positioning bug ^^ Love you bruh My private script will work flawless now.
  12. @Todd @TRiLeZ Can you fix this too ? https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/2
  13. I bought $300 private script for it 4 days ago :) damn nice release
  14. Im getting 16kp/h with 93 mage 89 range stats without void. You have a problem about ur setup. Also dont use serphelm.
  15. sulocancetin


    Still avaible ?
  16. @Aropupu Hey , does it support resizeable ? If yes i want to use it again. I got multiple times 99 mining with this awesome script years ago
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