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  1. I was using eznmz for it, rip...
  2. Request: Enter Abyys Miniquest scriptDescription: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Enter_the_AbyssPayment Amount: Idk ? Its easy afTime: asapAdditional: we can discuss price just dm me
  3. Minimum $2k req for it.. Goodluck
  4. Request: AIO Revenants script (Restocking, muling, killing)Description: I wont explain it but worthy said; " its not that it is complex, its just that it is a extremely polished. more-so than a private script needs to be. it has a lot of bells and whistles "Payment Amount: 1000-1500 USDTime: ASAPAdditional: Nothing.
  5. title. Not looking for 350-400 usd offers, ty
  6. 5-25 usd ? Lol... Private script prices start from 100 USD
  7. 400 usd is nothing for private script. Also dont buy anything from JoeDazzy or whatever its called.
  8. Cant buy VIP-E, vip page return blank page
  9. Its cost 1,5K+ usd at other bots. Its probably 3k+ in here.
  10. java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file ^Check this error man.
  11. Request: Raids 1 or Vorkath Description: - Payment Amount: +1500 USD (its just example hmu with ur price) Time: Max 2 months. Additional: It must be AIO. Including restocking, muling, killing Dont leave comments here, DM or Discord please. Can#7841
  12. Can i donate few bucks for it ? You are my man.
  13. If you can check every updates, all of them says same thing. Just wondering how many week left for update.
  14. Thanks for update Any news about CLI ? Last time i asked(2 weeks ago), some features being tested.
  15. buying 225 credits for 320M(gold prices ~0.77) so 320m = ~$246
  16. @TRiLeZ Any news about CLI update ?
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