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  1. Sand crabs; Still xp failsafe work when worldhopping to find spot... Still stuck at worldhopping if crabs atack me.. (its try to worldhop but its in combat) When break time comes, its spam logout button while atacking crabs.. Also add timer X player in range worldhop because if you are in slot and someone worldhop to my world and goes. Bot thinking i need to go then worldhop for nothing. Bad english, sorry ^^, gl
  2. Can you disable failsafe xp when jumping worlds ? Also can you add if you dont find Spot1 without person X times, look for Spot2? When you add them ill buy ur script again. Its flawless script
  3. Some1 can help me ? Cant kill zulrah with Ahrims - Trident Seas & Black d'hide - Rune crossbow. 80 Range 80 Mage 52 Pray 70 Def
  4. sulocancetin

    Do not use High Alch script

    Im using special pixel color bot for it 7/24 running & 0 ban rate
  5. Bruh sometimes bot cant find spot at sand crabs. When world hopping it gots 5min no gain xp failsafe. Can you ignore it when jumping to find world ? or add X min failsafe for worldhopping ?
  6. Also sometimes it cant click safe spot to move beacuse camera view. Add feature if it cant click safe-spot, change camera view and try again. Sorry for bad english. I hope you understand me.
  7. https://prnt.sc/iq3t82 Everything works fine.. Just found one bug (ill try to explain it but my english isnt good xD); When bot come after breaks, if i put worldhop when someone in range. It stuck untill another people kill all crabs which ones atack me. So got 5min no xp failsafe. Can you check if any mob atack me kill them and worldhop ?
  8. @Cypher Tried everything, i have this problem with only this script. Tried new VM, new Iso(win7), older java versions(8u112,8u60 etc), virtualbox, vmware. Help me about it.
  9. sulocancetin

    Freeze Problem.

    STILL NEED HELP. Tried new Vm, another win7 iso, java 8u60, vmware, virtualbox. EVERYTHİNG !!!!