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  1. @Cypher Tried everything, i have this problem with only this script. Tried new VM, new Iso(win7), older java versions(8u112,8u60 etc), virtualbox, vmware. Help me about it.
  2. Freeze Problem.

    STILL NEED HELP. Tried new Vm, another win7 iso, java 8u60, vmware, virtualbox. EVERYTHİNG !!!!
  3. Freeze Problem.

    Still have this problem. Tried everything, if someone can solve this. lll give 20M for it.
  4. Got perma ban after 25M mining exp nick "1000BOA" Its not important. Its awesome script <3
  5. Freeze Problem.

    Hey boys. I have problem with tribot. I didnt touch my VM's till today(used 6 days ago). Today, i cant start my scripts. Client freeze and doing nothing. Whats wrong? Its LG Java Version; x64 8u131 Tried java x32 8u131 & x32 8u112 & x64 8u112
  6. My client freeze after i start the bot. Whats the problem ?
  7. Buying 6 credits

    Pm me fast
  8. try aMiner, got my 3rd 99 mining 1 min ago
  9. @Aropupu Whats wrong ? I have this issue. Bot Debug ; Same problem another client ; Debug;
  10. TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Im making 100k less than hour. You know ?
  11. My method is Heroes guild with 90+ cb accounts. So i didnt got any ban from this script.
  12. Whats wrong ? Edit; Got second 99 mining account ^^