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    I'm just a Pre-Med student on summer break, looking to make some cash and friends.

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  1. Pretty sure I've stated that I am no longer doing this method. So please stop posting about it being ruined. If you can use it great, if not, then oh well. I have done this method before and it used to be much better money. Recently tried and realized it wasn't worth it any more. People whine about these methods being posted, much better than posting about some other methods I have and know other people use as well. Just trying to help a noob out.
  2. I have not really been able to sell rune, so not much really.
  3. That's unfortunate. I guess if this was their method of gold farming, they were not fully aware of more common methods.
  4. Hey guys, thought I'd share a money making method that I have not seen around these parts before. I use to do this, however I have moved on. There is not a public script available for this, but a private one would be easy to create. Method: You willing be getting jugs of water from Hassan in the Al-Kharid palace. You talk to him, ask him how he can stand the heat, and he gives you a jug of water. You can repeat this until your inventory is full, then bank a few steps away. With a script, I was able to get roughly 450 jugs / hour. At the current instant sell price (175 Gp) you are making 80k / hour F2P with no requirements. However I can sell the jugs overnight for 250 Gp each landing myself around 110k / hour. Hassan has no requirements. I will post a video later today showing the method. Happy botting guys
  5. According to the post he has. might have something going on IRL. I've had quick replies from him in the past.
  6. What you are betting plays a role...big role...
  7. I'm not sure how you are getting banned so quickly. I have one account at 73 smithing and another at 55 smithing that I started the other day. Do tutorial island by hand, let the account sit for 2-3 hours, bot some quests, train a little by hand. Train some other skills for an hour or two. You have to invest time into the accounts for them to last. I would suggest that you stop instantly betting accounts.
  8. That many calories from a supplement is not healthy. That is pushing what I eat on a daily basis when cutting. I would suggest buying several pounds of organic boneless chicken breast from your nearest Costco. I would also suggest a 15 pound bag of organic long grain brown rice and a nice assortment of organic beans. Eat organic eggs from a local farmer, drink water upon waking, 16 ounces. If you continue to ingest that much protein at once, you are going to cause major complications in your kidneys.
  9. Because the shop buyer does not support buying items through NPC chat. I already own Eriks script
  10. Looking for a private script to be made, it is relatively simple. Buying and Item from a NPC and then banking the item at a bank relatively close. No teleports ect.
  11. No one can guarantee the unban. They do not look at Macro Major appeals. You can either Tweet Weath etc / or Email Jagex parents.
  12. You are not doing something right buddy, I've got two accounts level 70+ from BF right now. Knock on wood. Learn and move on.
  13. I thought that may be the case, so I debugged the NPC's on screen and he did not show up?
  14. Just was curious, why does the foreman disappear sometimes? To prevent betting etc?
  15. Never been banned using this script on an account, running it for 12-15 hours / day.