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  1. congrats boss! script is running excellent! Just need leaf-bladed battle-axe added to the drop table please!
  2. not encouraging it but I have had a lot of success with a continuing botting after a 2 day ban, only using daxcombat. I got the 2 day ban from a runecrafting bot >.<
  3. @lex123 yeah man I feel your pain. I have maxed a couple accounts with this script but if I use any other script it seems like a instant ban.
  4. JoeyJoe11

    Need help

    Cant locate leaf-bladed battleaxe in loot list on daxcombat. has anyone experienced this on other scripts or know a fix?
  5. @daxmagex im using webwalk and it wont use tab, it says "loginstate for WTB: INGAME" im using LG btw
  6. JoeyJoe11

    There is any post for good antiban practices?

    ive had a high success rate using LG, avaliable with vip extended