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  1. Im trying to buy some credits but it wont let me, i do not have a vpn on, i am using google chrome? i dont know what else to do, can anyone help me??
  2. So it was working flawlessly, now it keeps switching my blowpipe for my zammy book, again and again, any idea why? i dont know why it keeps doing it ,but its fucking up so bad..the only time it works is hwen maging, as soon as it has to range, it flips my book and my blowpipe back and forth back and forth back and forth and im dying from it. any help would be awesome. Edit; He fixed it for me. idk what he did but he fixed it. best man ever
  3. Cant seem to get it to grab my gear, what am i doing wrong? any tips? Edit: nevermind, i seem to have fixed it by closing and reopening tribot :]
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