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  1. if you say so. I just finished it up, really hope it works. I'll edit the post later if it does edit: works good
  2. i really hope this is fixed by the time i finish my new host acc.... nothing on tribot works for me since the resizeable update.
  3. bigyetti

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    yea. this. cant even auto login. refund wanted pronto. i aint paying $6.50 a month for shit not to work for a week. Havent been able to run one single script without them malfunctioning. Would be nice to get extended days on my tribot membership or something for this HUGE inconvenience.
  4. well idk if you quite understand what i mean. What was happening was, lets say i paid for a dream rumble normal, and advertised message but nobody was buying or i was going to sleep, so i just stop script and log off (still "in a dream party" meaning i paid for the dream but never started it) so when i log back on it starts advertising, but when i get the first customer, it runs back to dominic and cancels the dream then buys a new one, runs back to position and invites the person to the game. It should be programmed to already recognize that ur still in a dream and can invite the person right then and there instead of cancelling with dominic, buying a new game, then running back to invite..
  5. by the way, @erickho123 can you fix the seller to recognize that its already in a dream when logging on and starting the script the first time sometimes? It will run back to dominic and cancel the dream then pay for a new one which is totally unnecessary. It does this because the script doesn't recognize when u have paid for a dream and logged off
  6. Yea currently having the same issue on my seller. Didn't think resizeable would have made much difference since we arent changing the screen to resizeable to run the script, same format its always been but for some reason bot isnt working. It just runs near the chest, then to the middle of the nmz area, then logs out. Or if i start it with the dream set already, it ignores people trading and wont do anything but advertise, so i just log off. Would like this fixed asap as we all are paying $10 a month for a currently not working script.