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  1. lol kid my time came months ago.. been banned so many times its unreal.. my luck is just starting with no bans recently nope that must be it
  2. I have always used tribot, premium, proxies etc.. but still ban after ban... lol, not these days tho
  3. All my previous experiences with betting have resulted in bans after bans... this new account I created, I did lots of stuff legit before I started betting but that never seemed to help before anyway so I'm wondering if the ban rates have dropped or some shit? I've botted 1-53 thieving 1-60 mining 50-82 range bot alched 55-92 mage botted 1-56 woodcutting bottled full void range for hours on end (like 6 hours before I took a lil break) wtf is going on? normally I would get a ban instantly with mining lol anyone else noticed less bans?
  4. hold on, hold on! let me get this straight lol. an update post comes out on the 12th (this tuesday) you are saying i shouldnt bot a day before that , so the 11th and i shouldnt bot on the 12th aswell? then the carry on from 13th to be entirely safe? PLEASE CLARIFY, sorry im so retarded
  5. well im doing this for goldfarming, i do like to sometimes pk on my pure but im not too fussed, i did buy the acc so i would be pretty pissed if it got banned you say drags/chins/yews etc.. wtf else is there to bot for a goldfarmer :/
  6. yes you will get a 2 day ban before getting a perm, read this before botting though. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48758-beat-bans-every-week-new-study-2015-proven-affective/ hope I helped
  7. This guys a genius, my max main got a 2 day ban for using premium drags script on the 6th may! Thanks for this also should I bot ON the day of the update/post like the next update/post is 15th say? should I bot on the 15th? btw just a lil question - should i keep botting on my max acc doing drags, or do something else entirely?
  8. I got a 2 day ban on my max main, I was botting green drags. It was going fine because I was taking breaks every 1-2 hours for about 20 mins, but I got carried away and made the breaks 3 hours and I ran it for like 14 hours a day instead of the old 10 I used to do. I guess jagex caught me from that :/ ? I'm wondering should I keep doing drags as soon as I get unbanned or wait a day or 2 or bot something else entirely, OR just reduce the botting time and spread it out through the day with decent break times. some extra info: I got a 2 day ban on my pure for rock crabs, waited a week and played legit then decided to bot hunter on it, botted on it for about 5 days now gone from 78 hunter to 90 with no bans, taking breaks every hour and running it ONLY overnight so like 8 hours... no ban yet what do you guys think?
  9. Yeah 8 hours max a day I would reccommend, I do 4 hours in the day from about 12-4 , then i stop and do another 4 from 8pm-12pm everytime I go for more than 8 hours like 14 hours or something ridiculous, jagex ban me so ive been sticking to that WITH breaks every 2 hours for about 15mins, seems to work and profits are decent xD
  10. Just got banned for running a bot with no breaks, before I did use breaks and it was fine but I saw so many people saying breaks are pointless so I stopped, guess they were wrong! So my advice is use the break handler
  11. get a vps, definitely worth it
  12. Just bought it off the website and saw this thread after, didnt realise it was your vps atm its running great but one script won't start on it, probably the script owners fault but ive contacted him thanks for an awesome vps
  13. when i go to bot panel, i am running 3 clients and the 1st and 3rd and in redish colour and the middle one is in white, is that just the colour theme or is something wrong with them? sorry for being the biggest noob
  14. what does new client (looking glass) mean??