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  1. true but thats not what the thread says
  2. Kroze's PowerLeveling Service & Quest Shop (BF&Nat Starters) NOTE: My Vouches Are From Topbot, but i cannot advertise another site, so add me on skype for further details on me Starter BF Accounts With Necessary Stats : Tutorial Island, Dorics Quest, The Knights Sword, 29 Smithing,600 exp away from 30, F2P Priced at 800k OSRS GP Each Account But if You're a Constant Buyer Then the Price Will Be Firm at 600k OSRS GP Each Account Accounts that have Membership and 30 Smithing Ready Will Cost A bit more, but Orders and Prices Will Have to Be Locked in FIRST depending on how many you want or need per week/weekend, These Accounts Are 100% BF READY 44 Runecrafting Accounts : Tutorial Island, 44 Runescrafting , F2P The Price For these Accounts Differ Because they Arent Abyss Crafters, These are Price at 4m OSRS GP Each Account But if You're a Constant Buyer Then the Price Will Be Firm at 2.5m-3m OSRS GP Depending on The Order Density Questing : As of Now , i have two workers that are my Trusted IRL friends that are just looking for gp on the side, We take Full Responsibility, if anything happens to the account that your order is placed under, But we Recommend to transfer your items just to get the process done faster with no headache KEEP NOTE: WE DO NOT POWER LEVEL QUEST ORDERS MUST HAVE REQUIREMENTS AND ITEMS TO START AND FINISH QUEST OR ATLEAST A SMALL CASH STACK FOR THE QUEST ITEMS Quests Differ In Prices, But To Gain Reputation We Will be taking Orders Cheaper then Usual Questers. Thank You For Your Time Skype Or PM Me Skype: Scqrcrow