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  1. wow, would've never thought to do that
  2. if anyone has relating issue, just use firefox. took me about 30 seconds to figure how to change the proxies, checked by googling 'whats my ip' and it worked, instantly. FIRE FOX > PREFERENCES > ADVANCED > NETWORK > To the right of 'Connection' you will find 'Settings...' Click that and enter your Proxy Info, click OK. done
  3. Just got to proxy settings on an old downloaded version, all to get brought to my MacBook's system preferences proxy settings.... which i have already tried. RIP
  4. Yes. Here they are. Will look for some old versions https://gyazo.com/430929c27663ee85a7388f51bae2b642 https://gyazo.com/a7c233ae9848bafd145da75f2ce3c28e
  5. wow thanks! will look into them and hopefully find one that works for me ! ^-^ cheers
  6. really appreciate you helping me out, man. but sadly, there's no advanced option after 'settings' is clicked. think it's just a problem of we have different versions.
  7. you know any other methods for customizable proxy surfing? all I'm trying to do is create some accounts with same proxies that they will be botting on.
  8. can only find normal settings, no general or advanced options. looks like going back to trying to figure out proxifier X(
  9. thanks for quick reply, When i click the top right corner all that shows are new window maxnote history downloads view ad hunter save as... find in page clear browsing data settings maxthon community feedback about >click the bottom setting I assume you mean 'settings' option or 'about', since it is at the bottom. Both, however, do not seem to have anything to do with proxies within them. This is a copy and paste of my settings tab --------------- On startup Blank Page Home Page Last Visited Pages Search Engine Default browser The default browser is currently Maxthon. Magic Fill Settings Do not enable Auto Manage saved passwords New Tab Action Open a new Tab from the Address Bar Open a new Tab from the Search Bar Open a new Tab from Favorites Open links in background tabs Appearance Always show the bookmarks bar Snapscreen Keep snapscreen running when exited Downloads Download Location Change... Ask where to save each file before downloading Privacy (which is to clear browsing data) Clear browsing data... ----------------- Other bookmarks next to settings are 'Gestures' and 'About' both vacant of proxies. I'm thinking you don't have the updated version as well as all the other guides? Cx
  10. So pretty much all of the guides out there for setting up Proxy browsing through Maxthon are outdated, as the settings tab has been updated and it no longer consists of "proxy settings" Been searching the web / messing with maxthon settings for about 45 mins and cannot seem to find it, may just be blind as i feel it's right in front of my face >.< Anyways, does anyone know how to get to the proxy settings page on Maxthon AFTER the settings update?
  11. hey, I've been trying to do this for sometime now, all the guides on YT for setting it up are all out of date due to the updated settings on maxthon. now i cannot find proxy settings you know how i can do this ? would help a great deal thanks, Reese
  12. will try out proxifier thanks
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