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  1. My botting wonders did not last long. Short after my free trial ended, my account was banned. How could i stop this from happening in the future if i were to try again?
  2. UPDATE: I think it might be working now. I just launched the Tribot with Java instead. I think all is in order. Thanks again
  3. Hey Chris, Thanks for the quick reply. The loader itself is a .jar file. Is there a program I should be opening it with? At the moment it has defaulted to Notepad++.
  4. Hey, I'm trying to get your bot to work but have NO idea how to do it. Am i supposed to replace the 'loader.jar' with the TriBotloader? I'm using OSbuddy to launch. Should I not be using this? I really need a idiot proof step by step guide to getting it to work. Much appreciated,
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