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  1. All i see is stripe and bitcoin
  2. Need 18 credits or 10 credits and VIP-E
  3. Hate to necro the thread, but this is still happening. I have upgraded to windows 10 as per suggested, and have the latest drivers and updates for everything. It only occurs when I am running Looking Glass, I can run 2 LG clients fine but after that I get bluescreens. I can run as many of the applets as I wish (as i have been running 10+ lately), but I would really like to use Looking Glass. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. @Final Calibur Has the woad leaf on the table bug been fixed yet?
  5. woke looked at it after about an hour or 2 of it running and it decided the foreman needed paid 600k... in a row.
  6. I ensure you its not my GPU. Last nights tests with un-installing all my java and re-installing it may have solved the issue, I'll keep an eye on it Thanks though.
  7. @Usa I would love to believe that it has nothing to do with the client but my pc is solid. Without TriBot on it runs forever. It runs Dreambot, RuneMate, Simba, and OSBot all with no BSOD's. The ONLY factor that's different from normal is TriBot my friend. So it has something to do with my client settings, java version, or the TriBot client itself.
  8. Negative I'm not Overclocked, the log from WhoCrashed says its either a driver error or thermal issue. I know its not a thermal issue I un-installed all my previous java versions and re-installed the new one. Checking now to see if it works.
  9. Thanks, I kind of figure something like that. But I need someone who might know what or can TeamViewer and help me solve it
  10. Hey guys, I recently started using TriBot and have been getting bluescreens(BSOD). They only occur while TriBot is running. My PC stats are as follows. CPU: i7-4770KRAM: 16GBGPU: MSI R9 290x Lightning(4GB on board memory)OS: Windows 7 - 64 bitCooling: Water cooled custom loop. I dont think overheating is the issue, the BSOD occurs randomly. It doesn't matter how many bots are open, it has BSOD with 1, also with 5. Sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes after a couple hours. I only use Looking Glass. Is there anyone that can give me some advice?