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  1. Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent.
  2. I verified my email with paypal successfully, but when i got to buy credits i get the fraudulent message. What the fuck? Why has it always been so difficult to buy credits! I don't feel like spending extra money buying credits from someone.. this sucks I've tried stripe and paypal and never have had any luck... its fuckin 7$!!!!
  3. 2 day ban on 4 hour prog of Tris AIO fighter @ rock crabs rellelka east.
  4. Sorry for double post, looks like noone checks this, the script also gets stuck trying to fire arrows at the target when it hasnt started competition. ( instructor saying "these targets are for the competition, not practicing). Otherwise this is a great script, just fix those bugs. Trying to figure out if this is a problem with camera zoom aswell.
  5. how do you make it not say "woot (*) range level now!" makes it look so bottish.
  6. Is this script safe to use anymore?
  7. Anyone know the XP rates for different range methods at experiments? blowpipe & Msb or crossbow? and different kinds of ammo? thanks! also 78 range on a 16 pray pure! Also successfully went 58-68 str last night at westies! 10hr prog no bans! thanks!
  8. I have been trying to purchase credits VIA stripe on the website, I am getting an error message saying that they think that its a fraudulent payment. I need to fix this asap to begin botting. Information that might also help is that I am in Croatia right now and my card is a california card. thanks yall!
  9. This script is picking up boots and capes.. What are the F2p money-maker item ID's?