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  1. oaklander

    Monts Castle Wars Afker

    still working??
  2. oaklander

    VIP saying fraudulent purchase

    Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent.
  3. oaklander

    VIP saying fraudulent purchase

    I verified my email with paypal successfully, but when i got to buy credits i get the fraudulent message. What the fuck? Why has it always been so difficult to buy credits! I don't feel like spending extra money buying credits from someone.. this sucks I've tried stripe and paypal and never have had any luck... its fuckin 7$!!!!
  4. Sorry for double post, looks like noone checks this, the script also gets stuck trying to fire arrows at the target when it hasnt started competition. ( instructor saying "these targets are for the competition, not practicing). Otherwise this is a great script, just fix those bugs. Trying to figure out if this is a problem with camera zoom aswell.
  5. how do you make it not say "woot (*) range level now!" makes it look so bottish.
  6. oaklander

    IntFightCaveCurser - [30k-40k exp p/hour]

    Is this script safe to use anymore?
  7. Anyone know the XP rates for different range methods at experiments? blowpipe & Msb or crossbow? and different kinds of ammo? thanks! also 78 range on a 16 pray pure! Also successfully went 58-68 str last night at westies! 10hr prog no bans! thanks!
  8. I have been trying to purchase credits VIA stripe on the website, I am getting an error message saying that they think that its a fraudulent payment. I need to fix this asap to begin botting. Information that might also help is that I am in Croatia right now and my card is a california card. thanks yall!