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  1. xbwang12

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    Hi, Whenever I try to open TriBot right now it says "loading param" and gets stuck. Same on my VPS or my laptop.
  2. How do I add my dynamic signature to show all the bars i made?
  3. How long do you bot a day? And how frequent are your breaks in between. Thank you!
  4. I was wondering the same thing, I assumed it was just the cost of doing business but is anybody able to stop their new accounts from getting banned in 24 hours? Pocker is randomizing breaks the only thing to do? What type of ban rates do you notice on your accounts. I use private proxies that I bought from various services and use them exclusively to make the accounts and bot on them, do you guys think its these proxy services IP addresses that are flagged or something?
  5. If I stop the bot before 4 hours are up but want to restart it immediately will it lose count of how much of the buying limit of each item it has already used? STarted several bots a coupel hours ago just saw it updated
  6. Okay Thank you so much! Also wondering if anybody noticed that this script used up alot of CPU cuz it was at the GE or its just my server haha.
  7. The Bot is stuck idling and repeatedly saying "Failed to parse item: 9977" I'm trying to sell my red chins
  8. Anybody have any advice on how to efficiently close out the bot so you sell off all your items not at a loss when ending the script?
  9. I'm geting the same problem. I bought the $35 authorization code to use it for two accounts, on my second account when I try to use it it says use the live version.