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  1. Yes all three of the bots were using fishing @ the same time. @ITryNotToTroll The 2 f2p accounts were banned at different times. One was banned at night then i woke up started the script went about my day to come back to my f2p and p2p account both banned :[ Don't understand how they would have caught me because I run another 4 accounts and none of those are banned. So im sticking low for awhile i think then gonna get a proxy and just run suicide accounts
  2. So far an awesome script to run. I had 1 out of 6 accounts banned so far, and may have been from a transportation issue, because i find that all my member accounts running the script are flawless and none have been banned but the one f2p account i had running it has been banned. So, I'm guessing if you make all your accounts p2p jagex might look over the p2p botting account more frequently than they do the f2p suicide accounts. Just a thought, not sure if it is actuality. But I've had the 6 accounts running at the same time and length, but only the f2p was banned? Odd right?
  3. The fucking knowledge Trilez has is not chartable. Keep up the safe botting
  4. The bot is very slow, and easily seen as a bot because of the slow clicks and no adjustments. Please update/upgrade script, I just bought the bought and hopefully won't get banned today, but it doesn't look promising Edit: Also, activating run for the bot would be nice. Have much faster xp.
  5. Angel Dust

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    not sure what bot you guys are running, but the fishing and rock crab banking works perfectly for me.
  6. Bot shut down stating " bot has not moved within 5 minutes" Reason - unknown. Please help/fix
  7. Script just sits in front of the fishing spot at fishing guild without doing or clicking anything. Says "turning on run". and just sits there. After manually turning on run, the bot seem to run fine. I am just wondering what is going to happen once the run depletes to 0% if the bot will mess up again.
  8. Angel Dust

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    My guy still sticks @ fishing spots not doing anything
  9. I am having the same problem. Since the restart of rs servers my bot starts up just fine, but sits right next to the fishing spot in catherby
  10. Problem: Once the crabs on the East part become dormant and won't attack my guy starts walking all the way back to the cammy bank? it only happens if the crabs on the east side stop attacking? edit: Walks all the way back to the front of the cammy bank, and then walks back to the east side crabs?
  11. same, my bot wants to keep running to the west mining area?? Was running fine for 3:30 hours and now just spam clicks the west mining area while im on the east side??? Edit: I restarted the bot and now everything works fine? flawless killing like always, seemed to be something with the "Miles" random. Because after I got the random it was spam clicking the west mining area for 30 minutes. Hope it can be fixed
  12. yes, does not work atm. Click start and nothing happens. Tribot had an update so im guessing you need to update your script as well