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  1. check out the selling section. There are many repped people that sell good proxies
  2. member bots haven't been getting banned. increasing the influx of gold, hence the price dropping of items such as sharks. And the botters sell of the gold to not get banned with it
  3. ^^ buy the credits via rsgp
  4. true true ^
  5. Fucking legends! ))
  6. Buddy of mine is running all the scripts perfectly but when i try to start any of the 5 scripts I have this pops up and continueously scrolls until the script stops. WTF is going on?? I've restarted my computer, updated java, and fully shut my comp down, Everything was running perfect 12 hours ago i may add? http://postimg.org/image/as2ozr947/
  7. Yes all three of the bots were using fishing @ the same time. @ITryNotToTroll The 2 f2p accounts were banned at different times. One was banned at night then i woke up started the script went about my day to come back to my f2p and p2p account both banned :[ Don't understand how they would have caught me because I run another 4 accounts and none of those are banned. So im sticking low for awhile i think then gonna get a proxy and just run suicide accounts
  8. Auto fisher pro. on all 3.
  9. Not at all guys :/ All bots are on normal mode. And scripts are definitely running bad for me today. Had 3 accounts banned today, 2 of which were pay2play and combat level 40+ with 80+ skills :[ Anyone know a way to get around a perma-ban? I've heard that there is a way to recover the account and get back on it. Which only reason i would, to grab all the items off of the account and do a multiple trade over. *Edit: since I've uninstalled a Java update clients have seem to be running good but with the accounts banned, I can't say the same for the scripts.
  10. Today the scripts/clients are running horribly for me. The tribot client keeps closing on me out of no where, I enabled the Heap size art and it never went over 200mb out of a max heap size of 247mb. This all started happening after i purchased the VIP-E. Before, just on the normal VIP i could run 5 clients on my computer for hours upon hours until I intervened. Now, I run 2-3 client windows and I'll come back in 30 minutes to an hour and all client windows will be shut down. So i can't see the log of why the client is just abruptly closing. After all that, I started the client again today, and then the scripts that I am running, Auto fisher pro, sigma motherload miner won't work at all. I start the script and the character will just sit there not moving. So then I click around and try mining/fishing while the client runs (thinking the bot will wake up and take over) but once the fishing spot or ore vein is done, the bot just sits there and logs out from non-movement. Is this happening to anyone else? What can i do to stop the client from closing. Im going to wipe out java and reinstall it seeing if that helps, but I'm holding my breath for it. Please any insight will be appreciated.
  11. So far an awesome script to run. I had 1 out of 6 accounts banned so far, and may have been from a transportation issue, because i find that all my member accounts running the script are flawless and none have been banned but the one f2p account i had running it has been banned. So, I'm guessing if you make all your accounts p2p jagex might look over the p2p botting account more frequently than they do the f2p suicide accounts. Just a thought, not sure if it is actuality. But I've had the 6 accounts running at the same time and length, but only the f2p was banned? Odd right?
  12. Havn't used LG yet, not using proxies atm. Just start the client normally, have them start their task of botting and then 2 minutes later is seems one client closes. sometimes 2-3 clients will close. just random
  13. Since I bought the VIP-E my clients have been periodically closing out of no where. I will have 4-5 up and running will come back to my computer to see only 1 or 2 clients w/ bots running up. I thought the rs servers might be lagging, so I sat here and watched for 10 minutes. Started 4 clients with bots, and out of no where a client just shut off. Then entire client disappeared. This only started after buying the VIP-E yesterday. Any ideas to what is going on? There is no log to tell me what is going on because the entire client closes out of the window, to where i have to restart the tribot client, obviously leaving no log on the new client window once restarted. Please help, any assistance will be appreciated.
  14. The fucking knowledge Trilez has is not chartable. Keep up the safe botting
  15. I appreciate all the insight guys, so far I have been running 5 accounts all at same time, bouncing my IP from time to time with complete success. But as they all say, when is my luck going to run dry? I think I will do the 1 proxy for 2 accounts and have a couple suicide accounts from different IP sources other than a proxy. Thanks for the help, Also is LG worth looking into? I do not have any knowledge on it, but i see some people are talking and using looking glass for, I'm guessing, proxies? Any insight on that will be beneficial THANKS!