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  1. if I put this function, my bot will not do anything once it enters a trade screen, which It does need to do other stuff when in trade screens.
  2. As the title says, I have it in my while loop to send a message(pretty much an auto typer) but when it's in a tradescreen I don't want it to do that. What would be the simple way to make it not type while in a tradescreen?
  3. if I cant afford the i7? what is the most essential, I was reading AMD A-10 8750 has more cores so it would run more bots smoothly? Should I get a VPS? what would I need to run 15 bots with proxies guys? 10 minimum. PLEASE HELP! Looking for information guys! @MagicLand @WYD @Omnificent
  4. Looking to buy a computer that can roughly run 10-15 bots with proxies... What is the best way to do this?.... Do I need an i3 or i5? or AMD A10-8750? Quad core or Dual core?
  5. Wow cant believe I was going to pay 40$ for the script tomorrow lol... Hope this gets fixed and until its confirmed, I wont be buying... I cant risk getting banned from using this that's for sure. Someone message me when this is up and running good again, not getting banned.
  6. Are these issues fixed now ? I want to buy the script but I don't want to get banned.. @TacoManStan
  7. @jekanmenietbannenkk That script no longer makes that much If you look up tab's now because of it, they've dropped like crazy.. Thanks though
  8. Which script has a low ban ratio, and is 200k p/h for sure
  9. I own the air orb script, I just find its not as good as I want it to be lol
  10. Hey Guys, I really want to know EVERYONES opinion, so if you haven't posted yet, please post. IN YOUR ----OPINION----- What is the best script that you use currently to make over 400k P/h on each of your bots? I really want to learn the tricks of the trade, I'm experimenting right now, but overall, I just want to get known in the public forums.... Thanks again guys, HAPPY BOTTING
  11. I cant find somewhat decent items to merch.. I'm making no success.. Can someone please tell me an item to merch that gives somewhat decent profits, im not saying give away your secret item, but give one for 200-400k p/h even that's perfect.
  12. the accounts that just got banned were 7 years old. lol rs07 i only have 6Gb ram, 1.8ghz processor. lol
  13. I'm just getting back into botting from like a year ago, I'm looking at running 7-10 bots to make atleast around 200k p/h I've bought vip.ext and the aio air orb script to make around 200k p/h but i just got banned after using it for 4 hours on 2 guys. I'm looking to find a way to make these bots i use not get banned as much as possible and still make me like 200k p/h Also, my computer can only handle around 3 bots, so my 2 questions... 1.) How can i make my computer handle more bots without buying a new computer or new computer parts. 2.) How can i not get banned as much and loose all my cash now days. (looking glass?)
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