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  1. Nice mate. A few improvements I'd recommend: 1. is using a Guava Cache (you can set a max size, and a timeout on the data inside it). Cache I use in my personal world hopper code: private static Cache<String, String> worldBlacklistCache; worldBlacklistCache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder() .maximumSize(15) .expireAfterWrite(20, TimeUnit.MINUTES) .build(); 2. You can also use the WorldHopper.getServers() to get the servers, and do things like sort them by population so you can hop to the lowest populated worlds (and you can create a method to filter them by activity, so you don't have to hardcode the required skill worlds).
  2. Ahhhh man. I just made basically the same exact thing myself. I'm sad.
  3. My code to pick up items dropped from NPCs killed by my character was failing on NPCs that took up more than one tile. Made this little snippet to get all tiles an NPC takes up (since it seems like their drop can potentially end up in any of them). This is basically just like the RSObject getAllTiles method but for NPCs. If there's a better way to do it already present in the API, let me know. But this seems to generally work for what I wanted it to do. public static List<RSTile> getAllTiles(RSNPC c) { RSArea searchArea = new RSArea(c.getPosition(), 5); Polygon bounds = c.getModel().getEnclosedArea(); List<RSTile> tiles = Arrays.asList(searchArea.getAllTiles()).parallelStream().unordered() .filter(t -> Projection.getTileBoundsPoly(t, 0).intersects(bounds.getBounds())).collect(Collectors.toList()); return tiles; }
  4. Great script, actually taught me a lot reading the source code. In fact, the first account i made on this script 3 months ago has still yet to be banned after botting up to 9 hours a day on it. A few accounts were banned, but that was mostly due to botting that was excessive and deserved a ban. There were a few things I changed myself in the version i'm using of your code, but overall i'd say great job. Solid script.
  5. @daxmagex Great script, just has some problems with how it works with too many net traps. For instance, it can't handle the black salamanders at all with even 5 traps without losing most of the ropes/nets to despawns (and red salamanders as well). I recommend changing the priority with how it selects what to do next and prioritize the dropped traps by which ones dropped first (since they despawn first), and adding a way to lower the number of traps it uses to only 3 or 4. 4 is generally enough to keep it going 24/7 and with better priorities the script would work without needing to bank for new nets/ropes. In the current state black salamanders is pretty much unusable so i've had to switch to another inferior script. If you fix this, the script would be pretty much perfect for me.
  6. Yea I just started scripting myself and ran into this problem pretty quickly.. I mean, for many activities like mining nobody would actually rotate the camera unless they absolutely need to for something. I figure that the ABC anti-ban implements some of the same code that is in the regular anti-ban so using either one causes the random stupid camera movements. There should be a switch somewhere to turn it off, but if there is one, I personally haven't run into it yet. You can put in code to move the camera back to the position it started in, but then that's suspicious as hell if the bot keeps turning the camera one way, then immediately back lol. Just feels like you are trying to fight for control over the camera because of some shit anti-ban code.
  7. Ahh god i'm stupied, it was resizable mode messing it all up. Thank you very much eric.
  8. I just recently started botting again after a break (it worked fine before) and decided to bot some cannonball smelting. So far i've tried every single free script (and one I paid for) and every single one walked to the same locations. When in falador, the scripts would generally be able to access the bank/take out all the necessary items. After that they would walk up to the haircut shop or down to the pub and stand still. In Al Kharid they would generally walk northwest to the agility shortcut and stop. I'm sorry, i'm still kind of a noob at botting and don't understand why the client would mess with the scripts to make them do this. Random info: I use a proxy, but it is quite fast and shouldn't make a difference. PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong location on the forums. Thank you for your time.
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